Going Solo With Twins

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Going Solo With Twins

Going Solo

Sooner or later your partner, family, close friends or fairy godmother will need to return back to work, their families and life. You will eventually be left alone with your gorgeous babies whether it’s for a few hours or the whole day and eventually you will need to leave the house. Don’t wait for the absolutely-have-to-leave-the-house moment. Be proactive and start practicing leaving the house by yourself early.

Start off by taking baby steps. Go for a short stroll to the local shops or park. Sit, have a coffee and try to relax. Your home is close by so if a poo-nami disaster strikes, you’re just a quick jog away. Visit close friends and family who have young children. Not only will they be super complimentary that you actually left the house with not one but TWO babies but they’ll most likely have anything that you’ve forgotten to bring.

Once you’ve mastered the ‘easy’ trips, it’s time to head for the shops. Start with your old stomping grounds as you’re more likely to know where the nearest parents’ room are. Plan your exit strategy. Be prepared that one or both of your bubs will fuss just when you start to enjoy yourself. You may need to stop mid-shop and rush to the parents’ room or back home so do your important tasks first and take note of any shortcuts and dead ends (stairs and non-ramp escalators). Be prepared for the nosey grandmothers. You’ve probably already encountered them but for some reason when you’re by yourself pushing your twin pram in a shopping centre you’re easier prey.

There will be some very steep learning curves. Sometimes it’ll feel like every time you leave the house something will go horribly horribly wrong. There will be runs-of-shames as you exit a busy shopping centre, exhaustion as your babies scream in the car all the way home or you’ll forget to bring something as important as wipes. Just take a deep calming breath. It does get easier. Each time you go out, you’ll get smarter. You’ll recognise the tired signs quicker, you’ll know the best ways to distract them and you’ll work out how to push your pram loaded with shopping while carrying an overwrought baby and navigating your way back to the car without crying!

Nelinda is a busy Mum of twins and writes for her own blog Busy Mama Bee. I’m a busy mama to 16mth old boy/girl twins. I enjoy the best and worst of both worlds all at once and in my free time (AKA bubs are finally asleep) I blog, read and watch trashy TV.

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