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As a Certified Child Sleep Consultant, parenting coach and a mother of three, I am extremely passionate about working with families to overcome the modern-day parenting, sleep and behavioural challenges. With experience in working with newborns to seven years, I advocate a nurturing, compassionate, and down-to-earth approach to help you restore much-needed rest, harmony and joy to the family unit.

I have successfully helped hundreds of mothers and babies across the globe with my flexible, easy to implement sleep and parenting programs, and dedicated support.

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The Baby Sleep Consultant

In Adelaide working as a sleep consultant this is a question most clients ask….. along with are my girls perfect sleepers?

The truth is, I thrive on routine and consistency, something children do to surprisingly!  My first is a great sleeper and fell easily into these sleep habits and I genuinely didn’t know what other mums were talking about with sleepless nights and doing every trick under the sun to get their baby to sleep.  I knew I couldn’t be so lucky second time around and I was right!

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Early Childhood Sleep Consultants

Are you having trouble with your little one’s sleep? Your Early Childhood Sleep Consultant can help! We will make a plan to improve your little one’s sleep, and we won’t do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable. Our holistic plan will fit in with your parenting style, child’s temperament and your lifestyle. We work with children aged birth to 5 years and have a wide range of ideas for each age and stage of development, temperament and personality

We can work with you over the phone, on Skype or in your home and we can even come and talk at your mum’s group or organisation! All of our packages come with a comprehensive, personalised sleep plan that will guide you with your child’s sleep from now and in to the future.

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