More Baby Shower Games

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More Baby Shower Games

Earlier this year we shared some of the most popular Baby Shower Games and Prizes with you. Everything from the ‘Spit the Dummy’ to the ‘Baby Memory Game’, here are some additional easy to prepare games and cheap prize ideas for your Baby Shower!

Break the Water

Prior to your party, place some small cheap dolls into some plastic containers (one doll per container), fill with water and freeze. Once all your guests arrive, give them a container each and whoever can get their doll out of the ice first using whatever means they like, wins. If you don’t have enough containers to go around for each of your guests, split them into teams.

Match the Twins

Get a big stack of baby socks, separate them and scatter them randomly on a rug. When you say, “Go”, your guests need to pair as many socks as they can until they are all gone. The person with the most number of paired socks wins the game.

Draw the Dummy

Stick a picture of a baby on the wall and give each guest a different coloured marker pen. Blindfold the first guest and have them draw a dummy on the baby. Take it in turns and the person to draw the dummy closest to the baby’s mouth, wins. Just watch where your guests draw in case they mark your wall!

Guess How Many?

Buy a cheap baby’s bottle and a couple of packets of jelly babies (lollies). Stuff as many jelly babies as you can into the bottle making sure you count them as you go. During your baby shower, have your guests guess how many jelly babies are in the bottle and the closest guess wins! The winner can keep the bottle filled with jelly babies as part of their prize.More Baby Shower Games

Time Capsule

Not actually a game but a bit of fun with your guests. On the baby shower invitations, ask guests to bring something for a time capsule that represents the year your baby will be born. The item doesn’t need to cost anything and could be a local newspaper, technology catalogue, a list of top 40 music hits or even a poster from a blockbuster movie. As your guests place their item into the time capsule, have them tell other guests what they are putting in. Once finished, seal it up until a milestone birthday like 18 or 21. You may also like to include a list of who put in what!

Lucky Dip

Gather a number of different baby items such as a bib, a pair of booties, a singlet, onesie or a pair of mittens. Place each item into individual brown paper bags, label each bag with a number and tape them shut. Hand out a piece of paper and a pen to each guest. Pass the brown paper bags to your guests and have them feel the contents of the bag before passing it onto the next guest. They need to write down what they think each bag contains and the person with the most correct guesses wins.

Other prize ideas

In addition to the prize ideas we have previously suggested in our earlier post, here are some additional ideas if you are still stuck:

  • Hand cream
  • Lip balm
  • Manicure kit
  • Oil Burner
  • Magnetic note pad
  • Bookmark
  • Homemade shortbread
  • Notebook
  • Handbag holder
  • Homemade soap and loofah sponge

Did you play any of these games? What other games did you have at your baby shower?


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