How To Organise Your Change Table

Babies seem to come with more accessories then iPhones these days and it is easy to get caught up in all the bright and shiny objects. What you need when changing baby as opposed to what is available is no different. Over stocking a change table can be a problem when it comes to using it in the real world. It is easy to be baffled by bum creams, bedazzled by wipes and  bamboozled by nappy bins. Here are some tips to successfully change a stinker (as my son calls them) or two.


A change table usually has a mat for baby to lie on and then a shelf underneath for storage. Or the type that is on a chest of draws has a space beside the mat to store a few things. Now you don’t have the whole box of nappies stored on the change table. Keep a few arms on the shelf so you can restock whenever they get low and the rest in the cupboard or somewhere else out of the way.


Wipes are the next important item to have handy. Try out a couple of different brands. I always hated the ones where you went to pull out one wipe and ended up with half the packet. You don’t really need a wipe warmer. Baby is going to have to get use to cold ones anyway when you change them when out and about. I always bought wipes on sales and in bulk. Again don’t leave all the packets on the table. Toddlers love nothing more then to play “how many wipes can I pull out before mum notices.”

Zinc Cream or Alternative Nappy Rash Product

Zinc cream is something that you may end up using at a great rate. But be warned once your little one is moving store it as high as you possibly can. I learned this the hard way when my daughter decided that she needed more “fanny cream” and applied to her whole entire body and bedroom.  It is a bugger to get out of  carpet, hair, bedspreads, clothes and toys.


Old cloth nappies or a small towel is also handy to have on the change table. This is handy to cover little boys fire hoses when they suddenly spray at you or to clean up the sneaky releases of the little girls. Something about having a bit of air about the private parts.

Baskets and bins 

They are the essentials but I found it good to have a little basket of random things like ear cleaners, eye wipes, anti bacterial cream, spare dummy etc that can be put in easy arm reach. I had a nappy bin as well. I found this very handy so I didn’t have any stinky nappies hanging around before they hit the bin outside. If you are a cloth nappy person a soaking bucket will no doubt grace your laundry and nappy liners will also be required for the change table.

Always leave the tops surface free for emergency use at any time, and overlay change mat with a towel to make big ‘stinkers’ cleaning up easy. Keep it simple when setting up your change table and just add and remove things as required.

What are or were your change table essentials?

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