The 25 Most Awesome Baby Shower Gifts of All TimeHave them eating out of the palm of your hand with these brilliant gifts!

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If you get stuck trying to think of the most awesome of awesome gifts for a mum-to-be, then you certainly need this list.

Collated by a group of new mums, these are the ultimate gifts that will have you on top of the ‘Favourity Aunty’ list – forever! We also have spread out the price, so you can afford one of these at any budget at all!

Baby Shower Gifts Under $50

1. Organic Baby Bodysuit

I adore this soft organic cotton bodysuit that is perfect for a new baby. It has snaps at the bottom, so this makes nappy changing easy for the new tired Mama Bear.

Available from Kinder Sprouts – $40.36


2. Floral Maternity Robe

This handmade floral maternity robe is so lightweight and is perfect for pregnant mummas who want a nice and cool fabric for their clothes. It’s made of rayon cotton which is a very soft and lightweight cotton.

Available from May And Joy – $29.26

Baby Shower Gifts

3. ‘My Auntie is my Bestie’ Outfit

Indeed, you will be! With this sparkly onesie, that little angel will be the centre of attention.

Available from BellaPiccoli – $13.44

Baby Shower Gifts

4. Bola Pregnancy Jewel With Sparkle Footprints

This wonderful Bola pregnancy jewel will “sing” to bub and the mum with the chiming sound that the silver ball inside the pendant sphere makes. It’s worn around the neck on a 55-inch silver-plated chain and will dangle near the belly.

Available from Angel Bub – RRP: $34.95


5. Braided Cot Bumper

This lovely crib bumper protects baby’s hands and feet from being stuck in between crib spindles and his/her head and body from getting hit and bruised against crib walls. It’s made from hypoallergenic materials and allows air flow in and out of the crib. And its braided design makes it look beautiful in any kind of crib.

Available from JujuAndJake – $20.11

Baby Shower Gifts

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