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The Best in Baby Keepsakes | Stay at Home Mum

10 Simple Keepsake Ideas For Your Baby

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10 Simple Keepsake Ideas For Your Baby

Time moves pretty fast, particularly if you’re a new parent trying to understand your baby’s every need without losing your own mind. For some it can feel like they’ve blinked and their little newborn is already turning one!

With that in mind, it’s easy to see how memories can get lost amidst the business of life. But those memories are precious, and shouldn’t go unnoticed. So, we’ve put together a list of our favourite ways to keep those memories fresh in your mind. These are 10 simple keepsake ideas for your baby.

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1. Baby Record Book

A baby record book provides a place for you to record all your child’s firsts in life, as well as share photographs and other special moments. Most baby books can be purchased in their blank form, with space for you to write your child’s first meal, first word, first holiday and so many more. This is a fun and personal way to record your child’s first year of life, and something that can be looked back on in the future, almost like a diary.


Image via Project Nursery

2. Monthly Photos

Show just how much your child is growing by displaying your baby’s pictures on a monthly basis in a large photo frame. These frames are growing increasingly popular, and have 12 spots for you to put pictures of each month of your child’s first year. You can take this one step further by setting aside a bit of time every month to take a photo of your baby in the same setting, providing consistency of background that will make the changes in your child even more pronounced. There are so many ways to do this, so check out Pinterest for ideas.


Image via inserttexthere.co.uk

3. Personalized Jewellery

Getting yourself some personalised jewellery is a really creative way to show your connection to your child, and keep something that reminds them of you close to you everyday. You can get a ring with your child’s birthstone, a locket with a photograph of them, a bracelet with a personalised charm, or a necklace that has been hand-stamped or engraved with details about your child, or even their hand print.


Image via huffingtonpost.ca

4. Tattoos

For those that are brave enough, and who don’t mind getting inked, a unique tattoo can show off your love for your child. There are so many ways you can make the tattoo your own, with some mums choosing to get their children’s names, others their birthdays, birth stones, or zodiac sign.


Image via verywell.com

5. Belly Casts

Not all mummas want to remember their pregnancy, while other revelled in every minute of it. If you are among the women who really enjoyed your pregnancy, and you want to keep a little memory of it forever, why not make a belly cast? These are moulds made of your pregnant belly, which some women incorporate into newborn photographs, or have made into bowls!


6. Feet and Hand Moulds

When your baby is born they are tinier than tiny, but they grow so fast that it can be hard to remember just how small they were. A fantastic baby keepsake is hand and foot moulds of your newborn baby, which can be easily displayed around your house. If you want to try and do this yourself, you can simplify the process by using paint instead to get hand and footprints on canvas.


Image via DivaGoneDomestic.com

7. Personalized Wall Art

There’s nothing lovelier than personalised art, particularly if it relates to your child. You can keep little details about your baby alive forever with wall art, which you can make yourself or order from many ‘makers’ online. Our favourite personalised wall art includes names, birth details and other special little things, all designed to look amazing on display.


8. Hair and Teeth Containers

It might seem a little strange, but many mums keep small things from their child, like a snip of their first hair or their first tooth. These can be kept in special containers that keep these trinkets safe for years to come. Look online for the containers!


9. Newborn Photography Shoot

All parents take pictures of their baby, but in the early days it is so overwhelming that many parents simply forget to capture decent pictures of their new arrival. That’s where the professionals come in. Consider hiring a photographer like Newborn Photographer in Mebourne that specialises in newborn photography to capture your baby at their earliest days. These photographers are everywhere now, so make sure you look at their previous work to ensure they’re a good fit.


Image via Instagram/radandhappy

10. Announcement Cards

Baby announcement cards aren’t just super cute to send out to your friends and family after the birth of your little one, they’re also a great thing to keep for yourself! You can make the announcement cards yourself, or check out online retailers with templates for you to use. Then, distribute them to your family and friends, and make sure you keep a few for yourself. You can even scan one and make it bigger to hang in your nursery!

What baby keepsakes did you choose?

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