The Ultimate Week-by-Week Pregnancy To Do List

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Falling pregnant seems straight forward in most cases we all seem to know the basic to do’s with that one! 

What should you actually be doing AFTER you conceive though?

Well, it seems you’re a little late, and I don’t mean turning up to dinner 5 minutes late.

I’m talking days late for your period to arrive and scream out to you ‘All is well in Uterus Town. You’re not pregnant this month!!’ Whether you’ve been trying to conceive, or it’s possibly a surprise development, you have 40 weeks (possibly less now depending on how far along you may be) to get yourself, your partner, your home and well your life organised and ready for this baby!!!
Once you start getting rational thoughts again in your mind, after the “surely not, but what if I am, but I can’t be, but geez I hope I am” initial stage, you should start your planning.. Just for you I present to you a Pregnancy To-Do List”¦.taaadahhhh!! (Insert a whole heap of pomp and ceremony you know trumpets, streamers, maybe the odd firework or two).

Week 1

Your pregnancy countdown starts from the first day of your last period. So week one is your menstrual period. Even though your baby hasn’t been conceived yet, the expected birth date is calculated from this date. Although the average length of gestation is counted at 40 weeks, conception usually happens two weeks later, so the baby spends 38 weeks in the womb.
Size of Your Baby:
Half of a Poppy Seed

Week 2 4

Fertilisation has occurred. By week 4 the developing baby is tinier than a grain of rice still.
Take a pregnancy test find out if its green lights go!
Size of Your Baby:
A Sesame Seed

Week 5

Make an appointment to see your doctor to confirm your pregnancy
Size of Your Baby:
A single grain of Arborio Rice

Week 6

Get reading! Look through pregnancy books, download apps that help you track progress or buy a diary or journal to track milestones and memories for the duration of your pregnancy. You can even check out our recommended top 10 pregnancy apps here.
Size of Your Baby:
Orange Seed

Week 7

Take it easy. You may be experiencing morning sickness. Research and experiment with remedies. Everyone is different what works for one, may not work for others. Your baby’s heart is now beating.
Size of Your Baby:
The Ultimate Week-by-Week Pregnancy To Do List

Week 8

Decide on where you are going to deliver your baby. Schedule your first Pre-Natal appointment that usually happens between weeks 8-12. Book in for your first ultrasound to check the development of your baby! How exciting!
Size of Your Baby: Raspberry

Week 9

Take note of products being used in the home and workplace. Are there chemicals that are being used that could harm your developing baby? Opt for eco-friendly products where possible. If you are using cleaning products around the homewear rubber gloves and a face mask. Also, make sure there is adequate ventilation.
Size of Your Baby:  Cherry

Week 10

Start Shopping for maternity clothes. You will be noticing physical changes in your body now. A must do is to ensure you have a correctly fitting bra for your changing shape.
Size of Your Baby: Lychee

Week 11

Make exercise part of your daily routine. A simple 30-minute walk will do wonders for you and your baby.
Size of Your Baby: Mandarin

Week 12

Check your works maternity leave. Be informed of the options for you.
Size of Your Baby: Plum

Week 13

Time to tell everyone your wonderful news! Why don’t you get creative? Some wonderful ideas here.
Size of Your Baby: Lime

The Ultimate Week-by-Week Pregnancy To Do ListWeek 14

Start taking (if you haven’t already) weekly photos of your baby belly.
Size of Your Baby: Peach

Week 15

Start planning your baby budget.  If you are taking time off work plan for the reducing in income. Research any government benefits that may be available to you.
Size of Your Baby: Apple

Week 16

Decide if you want to find out the gender of your baby at next ultrasound appointment (18-20 weeks)
Size of Your Baby: Avocado

Week 17

Research and enrol in childbirth classes.  Contact the hospital where you plan on giving birth to book the classes.
Size of Your Baby: Big Onion

Week 18

Ultrasound time!
Size of Your Baby: Sweet Potato

Week 19

Baby brain is kicking in do yourself a favour and invest in a notepad and pen and get those lists and reminders written down as you think of them.
Size of Your Baby: Mango

Week 20

Half way point! Wahooo!!
Size of Your Baby: Banana (well the length anyway!)

Week 21

Start working out possible names this may take forever, and a lot of ‘discussions’ so don’t feel too pressured to make the decision right now.
Size of Your Baby: As long as a carrot.

Week 22

Start planning your nursery.  Make a list with essentials that you will need and focus on that list.
Size of Your Baby: Paw Paw

Week 23

Look into a pram that suits your lifestyle and is easy to get in and out of your car.
Size of Your Baby: Egg Plant

Week 24

Research Baby Car Seats/ capsules. Layby or purchase the one you decide to go with.
Size of Your Baby: Corn Cob

Week 25

Look into childcare options for when and if you are returning to work.
Size of Your Baby: Pumpkin

Week 26

Relax. This has been an emotional time for you. Take some time out for you. Catch up with friends. Have a beauty treatment. Whatever floats your boat but this week is ALL about you!
Size of Your Baby: As Long as a Zucchini

Week 27

Enlist a friend’s help and start planning the Baby Shower.
Size of Your Baby: Caulifflower

Pregnant Woman Holding Hand On Her Baby BumpWeek 28

Finalise birth plans which includes deciding who you want in the birthing room with you.
Size of Your Baby: Large Pumpkin (running out of fruit and vegetables this size…)

Week 29

Relax. You are starting to feel really pregnant now. Your baby is having a field day inside, and you’re probably starting to get a little tired now at times.
Size of Your Baby:  A large butternut squash.

Week 30

Pack your hospital bag. Ensure you pack some maternity (surfboard) pads, Maternity bra, loose comfortable clothing. Check and see if you need to provide nappies, blankets and wipes for your baby, if so, pack these as well.
Size of Your Baby:  A large cabbage.

Week 31

Book in a pregnancy photo shoot with a photographer. This is an amazing time of your life and one you will love looking back on.
Size of Your Baby: As long as a leek.

Week 32

Baby Shower time! Enjoy the day and being the centre of attention. You are a wonder woman.
Size of your baby: A large Cos Lettuce

Week 33

Shop for any essentials that you didn’t receive from your baby shower.
Size of your baby:  Pineapple
 Mother giving birth to a baby. Newborn baby in delivery room. Mom holding her new born child after labor. Female pregnant patient in a modern hospital. Parent and infant first moments of bonding.

Week 34

Wash all baby’s clothes, cloth nappies (if using), blankets and sheets.
Size of Your baby:  Rockmelon

Week 35

Relax. See a common theme? Take time for yourself again. Not long to go now. If you head to the shops, make sure you go and buy yourself some good nursing bras and nursing pads. The last thing you want (but will inevitably get at some stage) is leaking milky boobs through your top.
Size of your baby: Honeydew Melon

Week 36

Stock up on groceries that can be frozen or stored in the pantry. Do some meal preparation and freeze cooked meals for once the baby arrives. The last thing you’ll feel like doing is cooking.
Size of Your Baby:

Week 37

Prepare a list of names, phone numbers and emails of who to contact once the baby arrives.
Have the Car seat/capsule fitted into your car.
Size of Your Baby: As long as a piece of Kale

Week 38

Do practice runs to the hospital so you know the fastest route, and one that doesn’t have as much traffic.
Size of Your Baby: As long as a stalk of rhubarb.

Week 39

Put your anxious, excited, impatient feet up. Everything is done. You’re organised. You have totally got this.
Size of Your Baby: A Small Orange Pumpkin

Week 40

Due date!! Congratulations! You can go about enjoying, falling in love with and learning more and more about your baby (and your body) without stressing that you’ve forgotten anything in the lead-up.
Size of Your Baby: Watermelon

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