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Traditional Birthing Tea Ceremonies | Stay At Home Mum

Traditional Birthing Tea Ceremonies

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Traditional Birthing Tea Ceremonies

Traditional Birthing Tea Ceremonies | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Is one of your friends heading into the labour and delivery room soon? Whilst having the traditional baby shower is a great way to spoil the new mummy and welcome the new baby into the world, another great way to celebrate the joys of motherhood and the feminine power of being a woman is through a birthing tea ceremony.

Essentially, a birthing tea ceremony is a tea party with a twist. In addition to having your friends over to gossip and eat yummy treats, the guests are expected to bring some positive and calming vibes for the mum-to-be.  A birthing tea ceremony encompasses guided meditation with the power and strength of women. It is an easy thing to set up and a great way to provide your friend with good thoughts, well wishes and all the strength she needs to conquer her upcoming milestone.  So what will you need to host the perfect birthing tea ceremony?

Guided meditation

The whole point of the birthing tea ceremony is to provide the mother to be with the good energies from the other women around her. To do this, it is important that everyone is relaxed, energised and enlightened which is best achieved through meditation.


Choose from a number of pregnancy friendly teas that are used to promote wellbeing and reduce stress. Think chamomile or ginger tea. You may also ask guests to bring a small plate each with tasty treats to indulge in after the meditation is over.

A calming and natural environment

Set the room up with dim lights, calming music, aromatic candles and crystals if you have them. Place pillows on the floor for your friends to sit on and a comfortable mattress on the floor for the mummy-to-be to lay. Then, have your friends sit around the mummy-to-be and send her good thoughts and good wishes.

The support of other women

Perhaps the most important element is the support and friendship of others during this time.  Get together your closest girlfriends, whether they have given birth themselves or not, and share in the feminine energy and power in the room. Hopefully this energy will transfer into the delivery room as well.

Why A Birthing Tea Ceremony?

Anyone who has given birth knows how scary this time can be. It is the one moment in your life where you will not be in control of what happens and this can be a terrifying thought. While you can read all the books you want and attend all the courses available, no one can tell you exactly how your birthing experience will be and thus the best way to prepare is to prepare your body, mind and soul for anything. A birthing tea ceremony is designed to relax the mind and help ease the nerves that can cause negative energy and complications.

The whole motive of a birthing tea ceremony is to send your friend into the delivery room with the power and strength of her best friends and other women. Many mothers have noted that they have felt so empowered to give birth and have felt calmer and more in control after the process. Furthermore, it may even speed up the delivery and help ease the pain and frustration that comes with waiting and preparing for things to get started. And, even if things don’t go to plan during the labour and delivery, at least you got to spend a lovely afternoon with good friends and great energy surrounding you.

If you have any questions or need advice at any time during your pregnancy, please speak to your midwife, obstetrician or GP, or ring one of the many helpful health hotlines we have here in Australia – https://www.stayathomemum.com.au/my-kids/babies/important-hotlines-websites/ 

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