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Twin Tips For Mums

Twin Tips For Mums

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Twin Tips For Mums

When you’re at home with your twinnies, it would be nice just to camp out in the lounge room and only attend to your babies needs but it’s not very practical. You still need to attend to your own needs.

Having a shower

Twin Tips1Position two bouncers in the bathroom and strap your babies in. The babies will love the sound of running water and ultimately they just want to be where you are. When you finish showering, take the bouncers one by one into your bedroom so you can finish dressing. As they get too big for their bouncers, start childproofing your bathroom and let them hang out with you while you shower. If they’re game and you are too, let them join you in the shower. Just have a lot of towels on standby for all the puddles afterwards.

Going to the toilet

It’s not always possible to time your toilet breaks with their nap times and when you gotta go, you Info graphics Twinsgotta go! If its a quick wee, leave the toilet door open and the babies can stay strapped safely into bouncers or their pram, but if business is going to take a little longer, grab one baby at a time and position them in front of the toilet. Use a play mat, their bouncers and anything else that will keep your bubs safe and entertained. Of course you may feel a little awkward with your two little ones watching you but once you become a mum, all rights to privacy are gone. When they become more mobile, hide the toilet paper. They just can’t help themselves and you’ll soon be festooned.

Household chores

Before you start cleaning always ask yourself whether it can’t wait til later. If it really can’t then try variations of the above or create some of your own. Be creative. Need to put away clothes? Have them on your bed under a play gym or if they’re too mobile, turn your bedroom into a play gym. Throw your pillows on the floor for them to climb on. If they look doubtful, show them what to do. Teach them to play with each other. Peek-a-boo and ‘where’s your sister/brother’ are classic two- player games. Try and leave jobs like mopping floors and cleaning bathrooms until someone is able to take the twins out for a walk or a drive. Keep in mind that your home needn’t be a sparkling palace, just the basics will get you by!

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