7 Unavoidable Parenting MomentsWe all have experienced moments that revolve around wee and poo!

Sometimes raising children is awesome.

Other times it makes you absolutely cringe and hope for the ground to open up and swallow you.

Sure, we’ll all have different parenting experiences, but there are some constants that most of us seem to experience at one time or another:

7 Unavoidable Parenting Moments

7. Your Life Will Be Hijacked and Taken Over

Remember when we were pre-children and thought the kids would fit in around our existing lives? I know now how many people that had already birthed offspring were pointing and laughing at me in their head…and I don’t blame them. My own small people, that I began naming as though they were the seven dwarfs (whiny, snotty, shitty,  drooly, cranky, hangry and must-be-jacked-up-on-uppers-rave-ready-won’t-sleep child) even though there are only two of them, have completely changed, rearranged and remodeled our lives.

tumblr_ookt0cDyNK1rnikqmo3_500And I wouldn’t have it any other way. You can fight it…or you can play Lego instead of mopping the floors, get in the sandpit and have toasted sangas for tea and have a glass of wine while singing along to Frozen’s ‘Let It Go!!!’. The kids don’t really love my singing…but you know, sorry not sorry!

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