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Older folk are often found to comment that children are not as polite and well-mannered as they once were, leaving parents wondering if their own tykes are among the impolite scourges.

The good news is, they don’t have to be. Educating your kids on using good manners during their formative years can have a marked effect on the difficult teen years, and here some that you definitely need to get across to them.

Important Manners You Need To Be Teaching Your Kids

Please & Thank You

This one is pretty simple. When you want something, always say please, and when you get it, always say thank you. In the early days it’s fine to prompt kids to say this, but after a while they should be able to remember themselves.

Interruptions & Excuse Me


Kids interrupt, and it is one of those annoying things that is just common at that age. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t help kids to understand that interruptions, except in the case of emergencies, are rude, and that “excuse me” should be used instead.

Compliments, Not Criticism

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It’s important to get across that compliments are the only things you should be saying to other people, not criticisms or mean names, particularly not loudly while in their company. Lead by example!

Responding Politely


Helping your children understand basic polite conversation goes a long way as they grow up. One of the first things to teach is that when someone asks how you are, you respond and ask them how they are. This is a real sign of a polite child.

Sleep Over Etiquette


Kids should not be allowed to sleep over at their friend’s houses if they don’t have sleep over etiquette down. Basically it means always being on your best behaviour, always being helpful and conscious of your actions, and always thanking your host and their family when you leave.

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