Daughter Didn’t Do Chores, So Mum Takes Modem Out for a Day on the Town

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This is Parenting Done Right!

A Melbourne Mum has become my personal parenting hero after designing a truly ingenious punishment for her device-obsessed 14 year old daughter who didn’t do any of her chores.

Miss 14 had been strictly instructed by Mum and Dad to do a list of household tasks the day before the family enjoyed a fun day out in Melbourne.  But, instead of doing her chores, Miss 14 decided to spend the day playing on her devices.

Not a single one of her chores were completed.

So, Mum, Dad and Miss 14’s little sister, Miss 9 got to enjoy the day out –  without Miss 14, and they took the modem with them!  The modem enjoyed a lovely walk in the park, ice cream at the beach, a fancy lunch and smoothies at the market.

All of Miss 14s other devices were taken for a ride in the boot of car – leaving Miss 14 with nothing but her chores to do.

Miss 9 had a whale of a time spending quality time with the modem and showing them all Melbourne has to offer – and the modem didn’t speak back!

Chores | Stay At Home Mum

Parenting genius!!!!!!

This better teach kids to do their chores or else…

Good on you Mum and Dad for parenting done right!

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Daughter Didn't Do Chores | Stay At Home Mum

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Daughter Didn't Do Chores | Stay At Home Mum

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