The Differences Between Boys and Girls

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The Differences Between Boys and Girls

The Differences Between Boys and GirlsCongratulations! It’s a”¦.

Regardless of whether your doctor ends this sentence with a “boy” or “girl” you can be rest assured you will be experiencing a high you’ve never thought possible. All babies are beautiful and all babies are special, regardless of their gender. However, how you raise your baby and what you can expect during the first few years will differ depending on the gender. Aside from the obvious physical differences with anatomy, what can you expect when it comes to raising your baby boy verses raising your baby girl?


Who will walk first? Who will talk first? Who will be the first to master the fine art of toilet training? In most instances, the girls will come out on top for all three of these magic milestones. In regards to crawling and walking, the race is quite even but there are some experts that swear girls are a little ahead of the game. Talking is pretty even statistically speaking, but girls often start making words about one month ahead of the boys. Girls tend to have a larger vocabulary during the toddler years but boys will catch up.

In regards to toilet training, girls are well ahead of the boys. Girls are generally ready to start toilet training around the age of 22 months while boys may not be ready until 3 years of age.  The average girl masters the art of peeing by the age of 33 months. The average age for boys is 37 months. Going number two is also usually quicker in girls, as is staying dry all night long and learning how to pull up and down underpants. You can expect your little man to need extra patience and extra time to get to this milestone.

Social and Spatial Skills

You most likely are constantly blaming your husband for not considering your feelings and you may also start placing the blame on your son as well. According to different studies, boys are less in tune to people’s feelings than girls, even when they are infants. Baby girls are better at studying faces than boys which can lead to a better understanding of ones emotions.

However, when it comes to problem solving, boys tend to be ahead of the girls. Problem solving skills develop at a very young age (placing the blocks into the right shapes, for example) and boys seem to be better at solving problems that involve distance, size and space than girls.

The Differences Between Boys and Girls | Stay at Home MumActivity and Aggression

You can expect your little boy to be a lot harder to contain than your little girl. All research indicates that boys are more physically active than girls, even as early as in the womb. Boys are more likely to squirm, to wiggle, to roll as babies and to jump, to climb, to topple and to pounce as toddlers. Boys may also need more stimulation and tend to lose interest in an activity much quicker than girls.

Blame it on the testosterone, but boys tend to be more aggressive from the beginning. However, with this being said, you can still expect your little girl to hit, kick and bite to get her way. So make sure you discipline your child, regardless of the gender.

Keep in mind that these figures are only based on statistics and every baby is different. However, it’s always fun to compare, especially if you have one of each and see who makes it to the finish line first. I’ve got one of each and so far my little princess is kicking her big brother’s butt!

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