The Most Annoying Phrases Kids SayIt's even worse on repeat!

Kids say the darndest things. While a lot of the words that come out of their little mouths will leave you laughing for hours, there are some very common phrases that have the opposite effect.

These six phrases are some of the most annoying ones you will hear as a parent. But, take comfort in knowing that every other parent on the planet is just as annoyed and tired of hearing these annoying sentences as you are!

 “Are We There Yet?” 

Road trips can seem like they go on forever and the dreaded phrase ‘are we there yet’ can make things even worse, especially when it is asked every exit. And, while it seems reasonable to come back with a smart arse remark, the real reason your child is asking you 100 times is for attention. So suggest a game or a song to sing to keep them busy.


 “It’s not Fair”

How many times do you hear this in a day? It’s not fair that they have to go to bed, that they can’t have ice cream for dinner, that they have to put clothes on in the morning and that they can’t have a sleepover on a Tuesday. Life is so unfair and your children are by far the most hard done by kids in the entire world. Or, according to them they are. Let them know that we can’t always get our way all the time and that everyone, even parents, have to do things that seem unfair.The Most Annoying Phrases Kids Say

“I Hate You”

This can be the worst thing to come out of your child’s mouth. But, when you are fighting and you are both angry and frustrated, these words will be said. And while you may feel like you hate your child at that moment as well, it’s important that you don’t let on. Accept their anger and walk away from the situation for a little while. Give yourself the distance you need to calm down before tackling the situation again and explain to them that ‘hate’ is not a word that should be used in the house.


 “I Want Mummy/Daddy”

Don’t you love it when you say ‘no’ to your child and they reply with asking for the other parent? This is a common problem in our household. Whenever my husband does something my son doesn’t want it’s “I want mummy.” Whenever I do something he isn’t happy about it’s “I want daddy.”  No matter how these much these words pull on the heart strings, stay strong and remain united. When mummy says no, daddy needs to say no too.



This will probably be one of the first words that comes out of your toddler’s mouth and while it can be so cute for the first 100 times, after hearing it 1000 times each day, the cute seems to fade away. The world according to a toddler revolves around them and thus it only makes sense that everyone will be theirs for the taking. This is a good time to discuss the concepts of sharing and giving.


 “You’re Not the Boss of Me”

Well, actually, you are, but for an older child and a rebellious teenager, this is certainly not the case. The reason they are saying this is because they are not getting their way, however this is an angry way to respond to this and can be difficult to hear. Try to ignore the hurt and the anger and instead get to the bottom of why they are feeling like this.


What sorts of annoying things do your kids say all the time?

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