What to do if Your Child HATES Their Name

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What to do if Your Child HATES Their Name

Kids hate stuff for no reason at all. It’s a fact of life.

One day they love the red cup, the next day they hate it. One minute they will eat nothing but peanut butter on toast, the next thing you know they absolutely despise it. So of course why wouldn’t they hate their name at some stage too? It’s bound to happen, right? They’ll get over it though, surely?

But what if it is more than just a passing phase?

According to a BabyCenter survey, 11 percent of parents experience baby name remorse. So kids are more than likely to have similar feelings, too.

3 percent of parents reported switching their little one’s name after birth.

Four year old hates his name

A mum has found herself in a tricky situation after her four-year-old son admitted he really isn’t keen on his name that he thinks is ‘boring’ and wants to be called something else.

What to do if Your Child HATES Their Name | Stay At Home Mum
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The mum shared on Mumsnet that her son, Jake, hates his name so much that he even cries over it.

“My son (4) hates his name. He says it’s boring and he has actually cried about it.

“He was named for my cousin and also has the same name as a close family member. He says he wants his name to be his own name and not somebody else’s.

“I also really don’t like his name, it isn’t anything awful (Jake). It wasn’t my first choice and his dad decided on it, his dad is no longer in our lives and every time I say it I’m reminded of his dad.

“His name just seems to have bad connotations. I haven’t told son my feelings towards his name, I always assure him it’s HIS name and it’s lovely but it’s been over a year since he really started hating his name and it hasn’t changed.

“I thought it was a typical kid thing but it really distressed him.”

The little boy wants to be known as Evan.

The mum shared that she is more than happy with this and is wondering whether she should just start calling him Evan.

However, the little boy is due to start school later this year and she’s not sure what she should put down as his name on the paperwork.

What to do if Your Child HATES Their Name | Stay At Home Mum

“Or shall I keep encouraging him to be called by his real name?”

So what can she do? Well, there are actually a few ways around it.

Here are a few things you can do..

Create a nickname

Psychologist and relationship expert Dale Atkins says, “If your child’s name leaves a bad taste in your mouth every time you use it, it’s probably a good idea to look for alternatives. Nicknames can offer some great choices.”

A nickname can be anything. Something cute, or something totally different to their birth name.

Jake could be replaced with similar names like, Jackson, John, or Jacob.

What to do if Your Child HATES Their Name | Stay At Home Mum

Middle name

If your child likes their middle name, consider using that as their name for a period of time to see if it suits them better.

Name change

There’s no law that says you have to stick with a name you hate. Consider a legal name change to something that you both agree on.

What to do if Your Child HATES Their Name | Stay At Home Mum

Encourage the love

Name expert Sabrina Rogers-Anderson shared that according to several studies, including one conducted in the UK and another involving 304 pairs of Chinese twins, name-liking is actually associated with high self-esteem.

She advised parents the best thing to do is work on your kids self-love, “Instead of worrying too much about which name to give your child, do your best to ensure they’re happy and well-adjusted.”

So have you ever really asked your child if they like their name? What was the response?

(Mine aren’t overly keen on their middle names, which are family names carried down.)

What to do if Your Child HATES Their Name | Stay At Home Mum

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