Choosing The Right Pram For Your LifestyleI had a list of criteria that had to be met - and only one pram ticked all the boxes.

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As a new mum who is active and enjoys the outdoors, finding the right pram to suit my lifestyle was a pregnant priority.

I won’t lie about the process either, spending countless hours reading review after review, test-driving prams in various baby shops and even deliberately meeting other mums in the park to suss out their choice of carriers.

I had a list of criteria that had to be met and as a small person, I had to be able to lift, fold and push the pram with ease. It also had to be comfortable for my baby, otherwise what’s the point!

The reason I was so fussy is because, as it turns out, we are not one of those families who are lucky enough to have a child that sleeps… in a bed! No, he likes to get out and about and will often fall asleep five minutes into a walk. In a way it’s great motivation for me, which is why having a luxury pram that is light, monuverable and stylish is important.

That’s when I came across the Phil&Teds dash and to to say I am little bit smitten with my choice would be an absolute understatement. This little buggy for two is my best friend and not because I love taking evening strolls through the park, because I do, but because my son has never been more happy to sit in the plush surrounds of the dash — there is no screaming, winging or crying at all. See how happy he is!


Living on the Sunshine Coast, I am constantly worried about the UV, especially given my son’s pale skin. The Phil&Teds dash has a large sun hood with a flip out visor extension, which are both UPF50+ for safe sun protection. The hood covers his body all the way to his toes; it even has mesh cooling vents on either side so he can look out when the canopy is covering the view in the sun.

When we head out for the day and he needs to go down for a little sleep, I can just pull the hood over his body and let the breeze keep him cool; even in the scorching sun he is comfortable in the dash. The complete recline allows my baby to get a nap no matter where we are. The easy-to-use zip screen can be pulled back for more ventilation, or leave him in darkness for a good sleep.


There is also a zip pocket to safely tuck away essentials like my phone and water; and there’s even a headphone slot – perfect for relaxing to some tunes while out for a stroll.

Another great feature of the dash is the compact design and manoeuvrability. The buggy features New Zealand designed aeromaxx™ rear wheels, which the manufacturers say are “unpoppable & unstoppable” over any terrain. The front wheels have suspension and the back wheels are air filled. This allows even such a small compact stroller to maneuver along rougher surfaces like rocks, gravel, and grass.

The brake is a super-easy switch at the top of the pram, so you don’t have to worry about stubbing your toes like on other models. The seatbelt is also a great feature, taking on a bit more of a racing harness feel, which is great for picking your baby up when asleep because you don’t have to worry about manipulating their arms out of an awkward strap.

Style was another criteria I had to meet when choosing my baby buggy because I knew I would be using it every day and like a good handbag, I had to look good with it! The Phil&Teds dash literally is a sexy pram — if I can say that! The gorgeous marl fabric gives a fresh, modern look, while the slender design makes it great for any location, including those squishy supermarket aisles. I also love the under stroller basket storage space, and the compact fold is AMAZING! It does have a bit of a learning curve to get used to, but once you do folding is very easy.


But I have to say, one of my all-time favourite features is that the dash can easily convert from one to two kids, without changing the shape or design of the buggy. This is perfect for when we go back for a second child – because who wants to buy two prams when you get it all in one!

Also, being on the smaller side, it was important that I find a pram that I can easily lift in and out of the car. The Phil&Teds dash proves that double buggies needn’t be heavy to lift and push! With an impressive one piece compact stand fold (with seats on) that has to be seen to be believed as it packs into your car boot space.

The buggy came almost fully assembled. It only took me 5 minutes to put it all together, and I didn’t need a single tool to do it.

While it appears similar in style to other prams there are many features that make the dash stand out from the rest. Phil&Teds found a way to give parents the style and function of a big stroller all while being very compact and easy to use!

Key Features:

Refined styling with modern & plush ‘marl’ fabrics

Compact 1 piece stand fold: disassembly not required, easily folds with 2 seats on

Easy to push & effortless to pop up kerbs

Puncture free & smooth ridin’ aeromaxx wheels

Parent facing double kit that clips straight & high onto the frame

Lie flat mode has an easy zip screen to cover – or pull back for more ventilation

Large extendable UPF50+ hood, with zip pocket & headphone slot

Large 25kg main seat capacity & flip out leg support for comfort

Roomy parcel tray that can carry 10kg of bits & bobs

Handbrake for easy on & off stopping


Product weight 11.5kg

Folded dimensions: 80 x 35 x 64cm

Colours: GreyMarl, Blue marl, Red & Black

Accessories: double kit, alpha infant car seat, car seat adaptors, snug carrycot, colour liners, sun & storm covers, food tray, universal travel bag, freerider


RRP: dash buggy $799 AUS

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This post is brought to you in partnership with our mates at Phil&Teds.

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