How To Dress Up Baby For the Weather

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How To Dress Up Baby For the Weather

To dress your baby up for the weather can be tricky.

But that is one of the best things about living in Australia…the weather.

You can expect beautiful sunny and warm days during the summer and cold and brisk days during the winter. While it can get stifling hot in some areas and freezing cold in others, compared to some of the other areas around the globe, we’ve got it good! But what is the appropriate attire to dress your bub in? How many jumpers will you need? What about singlets? Will your bub be too hot in coveralls or too cold in a skirt?

This guide can help you out:

Socks and Shoes

Do babies really need to wear shoes? Most likely not.

However, your baby may experience cold feet during the colder months and thus socks can be a good investment.

Newborn and infant pants often come with feet attached which can be an easy way to keep bub’s feet warm. Look for longer socks that you can pull up to keep their legs warm as well. Longer socks make it much harder for babies to pull them off, a feat that most babies will learn how to do as soon as they gain control of their hand movements. Another investment that may work for you are leg warmers.

Pack Lightly

Is this even possible with a baby? A good idea is to always have warmer and lighter clothes available in your bag in case the weather suddenly changes while you are out. Often it will be cold in the morning but scorching hot by lunch time. So add a jumper, a pair of leg warmers or tights, a pair of socks and a singlet into the baby bag. That way you are easily prepared in the event of a change in temperature.


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The Layered Look

In general, a newborn baby will need one more layer than you. So, if you are comfortable in a t-shirt and jumper, then your newborn may require the same but with a singlet underneath as well. However, keep in mind that newborns and younger babies spend a lot of time wrapped up in swaddles and this can keep them quite warm as well. If your baby prefers to be swaddled, then consider this the extra layer.

Consider Heating and Cooling Devices

Another thing to consider is whether you are using the air conditioner or the heater. If you have the air conditioner on full blast, then your baby will most likely feel the cold and require an additional layer. Even if it is 4 degrees outside, if you have the heater cranked inside, then there is no need to have them dressed in a heavy body suit to crawl around the house.

Sleeping Temperature

What is the right temperature for your baby’s room? If your baby is in a sleeping bag, then 19 degrees C is ideal. If your baby is not in a sleeping bag, then 23 to 24 degrees C is best if your baby is wearing a sleep suit. If the temperature is over 26 degrees, then your baby may be more comfortable in short sleeve or light weight pyjamas.

Keep the Head Warm

Babies lose a lot of warmth through their heads, especially newborn babies. So invest in a couple of lightweight beanies as well as some sun hats for the warmer months, depending on when bub’s is born. The good news is that there are plenty of adorable beanies and baby hats available perfect for all seasons.

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Do you have any tips on how to dress up baby for the weather?

How To Dress Up Baby For the Weather



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