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Stay at Home Mum’s Clothing and Dressing Section covers school uniforms, hand me downs and how to clothe your child appropriately for the season on a budget.

5 Ways to Teach Your Child to Dress Themselves

At 2 or 3, he/she will start wanting to do things 'all by myself'.

Looking After Your Modern Cloth Nappies

Everything You Need To Know About MCN Care, And Making Them Last

Everything You Needed To Know About Modern Cloth Nappies

The Newest Player On The Nappy Block

Teetering Tots in High Heels

Nothing new here, just one more addition to some of the world's most disturbing news.

All Shapes And Sizes...Let The Professionals Help You

Watch how to measure bra size and be correctly fitted

How To Buy Kids Shoes

Tips and Tricks to Getting the Right Shoes for Your Kids

How Many Clothes Do Kids Need

Best Clothing Options for Breastfeeding

Is Pink The New Blue?

Baby Sling Brands

Shopping Smarter for Kids Clothing