Vasectomy Parties are Now All The RageVasectomies Are Being Openly Celebrated By Intentionally Childless Couples

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First there were baby showers, and now there’s something else entirely…..

A growing number of couples are holding vasectomy parties to celebrate the start of their lives as a child-free family, naming cars and boats instead of tots.

It’s a clear sign that things are changing. Couples who are adamant about avoiding parenting at all costs are now holding vasectomy parties to celebrate their childless families. They’re even inviting their friends and family to share in their joy at being sterilised.

Invitations to these parties making joking reference to the party being held in “a house filled with sharp furniture and exposed outlets”, according to an article in The Sun. They also encourage guests to help them name their car and boat, and play games like The Price Is Right to showcase the money they’ll save from having no children.

Vasectomy Parties Are All the Rage | Stay at Home Mum
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One particular couple posted about their experience throwing a vasectomy party on Reddit, and were met with praise and congratulations from other users.

“Absolutely brilliant!” one user commented. “Made me LOL, especially the wording on the invitation, the clever cake, and the advent calendar! Congratulations, by the way and have a happy child-free life!”

On the same thread, other couples shared their own stories about embracing the child-free lifestyle, from dealing with comments from family and friends, to convincing doctors to perform sterilisation procedures.

There’s even a website, started by one couple as a part of the child-free movement, called We’re Not Having a Baby. On it, they share their journey as a child-free (as opposed to childless) couple, and how they feel it benefits them, their community, and the planet.

Amy Blackstone, one of the authors of the blog, spoke to the New York Post about her decision to follow a child-free lifestyle:

“Our society is all about celebrating traditional milestones,” she said. “You graduate, you get married, you have a child. But that’s a very narrow path and isn’t indicative of many people’s experiences.”

“So why not decide to celebrate your choice to not have a child?”

It seems these individuals are not alone. Vasectomy cakes are the next big thing in the world of Pinterest, and more and more couples, even younger couples, are deciding that it simply isn’t in their best interest to have children.

What do you think about the child-free trend?

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