6 Weird Baby Gender Reveals Ever

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6 Weird Baby Gender Reveals Ever

Gender reveals have certainly changed since I had kids.

Gone are the days of just cutting a cute cake or popping a balloon to reveal the gender of your unborn baby.
Well tbh I am even more old school than that, it was just a simple scan at the doctor’s and you either did or didn’t share the news with family and friends if you decided to find out the sex of your baby.

These days parents will stop at nothing including, burn outs, fireworks, smoke reveals and street fights.

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Check out these 6 weird gender reveals that will leave you thinking WTF?!

With the recent trend of gender reveals parties, it’s no surprise that people are coming up with more and more creative ways to reveal the sex of their unborn baby. While some reveals are simply adorable or touching, others are weird, confusing, or just plain weird. Here are six of the weirdest gender reveals that will leave you thinking WTF:

Giant baby street fight

Atlanta-based singer, Summer Walker, dressed in a giant baby costume to fight out the gender of her baby.

The giant inflatable baby boy and girl can be seen tossling it out on the stree, only for the baby boy to soon become victorious. Announced the winner!

We’ve all seen the weird and wild gender reveals that people come up with these days. There’s the parents who set off fireworks, the couple who released a bunch of live snakes, and even the woman who shot a target filled with colored powder. But the latest trend is even stranger: giant baby street fights.

Yes, you read that correctly. People are now paying to have two grown adults dress up in inflatable baby costumes and have a full-blown brawl in the middle of a public street. And while it might be amusing to watch, this trend is actually quite dangerous.

Not only are these giant babies putting themselves at risk of injury, but they’re also causing traffic hazards and could potentially cause an accident. So while it might be fun to watch, we urge you to think twice before participating in or attending one of these weird gender reveals.

Skydive reveal

Strapped to a professional skydiver this dad jumped out of a plane to reveal a stream of coloured smoke that signaled the gender of his baby to a family watching below.

Weird gender reveals have been grabbing headlines lately, and the latest one to go viral is a skydiving reveal. In the video, a couple jumps out of a plane while their friends and family watch from below. As they freefall, they release a banner that reads “Boy or Girl?”

While it’s certainly a unique way to announce the sex of their baby, many people are wondering if it’s safe. After all, skydiving is a dangerous activity, and add in the fact that they were carrying a banner, it seems like there could have been an accident waiting to happen.

And even if everything had gone according to plan, there’s something weird and voyeuristic about making such a personal moment into a public spectacle. We get that couples want to do something special to reveal the sex of their baby, but maybe skydiving isn’t the best way to go about it.

Alligator reveal

This Louisiana family upped the excitement by wrangling an alligator into the mix. Watch as it bites into a watermelon to reveal a splash of blue jelly to reveal the baby’s gender.

Alligator gender reveal party

One Louisiana family took things to the next level by involving an alligator in their reveal. In a video that has since gone viral, the family can be seen standing around a watermelon, with the alligator lurking in the background. As the alligator bites into the watermelon, a splash of blue jelly is revealed, indicating that the couple is expecting a baby boy.

While the alligator reveal may be one of the most extreme examples of weird gender reveals, it’s certainly not the only one. Other couples have involved everything from airplanes to elephants in their reveals, leading some to question whether these over-the-top displays are actually necessary. What’s certain is that weird gender reveals are here to stay – at least for now.

Gender reveal burnout

Burnouts creating a cloud of pink or blue smoke seem to be increasingly popular for car enthusiasts. While the intention may be to add an element of fun and excitement to the gender reveal party, the reality is that these types of events can often be more trouble than they’re worth.

Not only are they potentially dangerous, but they can also be a major annoyance to your neighbors. If you’re considering a weird gender reveal, think carefully about whether it’s really worth the hassle. It might be better to stick to traditional methods of revealing the baby’s gender.

Man baby

This couple opted for a huge man baby dressed in a diaper to jump out of the back of a truck in a cloud of pink and painted in pink body paint to reveal the gender of their baby…. girl (?) we are presuming.

Meanwhile this is the grossest one ever! WARNING Do not watch if easily offended!

Fart cloud gender reveal

Comedian, Paige Ginn, caused quite a stir online after sharing a rather disturbing gender reveal video. (WATCH HERE)
In her reveal she lies on the floor half-naked, concentrating intensely for a few seconds, before releasing a fart – and a cloud of blue smoke.

Her excited audience then screams with joy that “It’s a BOY!!!!”.

Watch these hilarious gender reveals gone wrong..

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Did you enjoy these weird gender reveals?

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