Trying for a Baby

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Trying for a Baby

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Guest Post by Leah M

I find it really hard that Amber and I have been trying for a baby for so long. The whole process from our very first pregnancy to now has been over 4 years. We have been so blessed to have such beautiful and supportive friends and family.

It’s not easy having to go through a fertility centre. We are not your average 27 and 32 year old couple. Being gay has definitely made the process harder. We can’t just accidentally get pregnant one day. We have to have weeks of blood tests and medication to ensure that ovulation is at a certain time and hope and pray once the sperm makes its journey to the egg, or more recently with IVF hope that it has attached itself and stays. We are not going to get pregnant when we ‘least expect it’

I know we have great friends and family and everyone wants to make sure that we are okay  but I couldn’t tell you how many times people have said ‘don’t lose hope, it will happen’ ‘I know it will happen for you guys’ ‘It will all be worth it once you have your own baby’ I don’t want to sound like a negative Nelly but we can’t help but lose hope. Are you a hundred percent sure that we will get pregnant next time, this year or even this lifetime? With each negative result we get, it gets harder and harder to get excited that it might actually happen. By being a gay couple at least we do have the back up of having a spare uterus (mine) but what happens if I can’t get pregnant either?

I don’t want people to read this and think we don’t appreciate their friendly words. We really do, We have had people we barely know giving us flowers, chocolates and kind words and it does mean a lot to us and sometimes it’s that extra incentive to try to remain positive.

I really do hope it happens soon, but it’s also human nature to get upset when we find out other people are pregnant, or accidentally fell pregnant with an unwanted pregnancy, or hear stories of people abusing their children. I really try not to get jealous but its something I can’t control. I found out this week that someone I used to know was pregnant and I understand everyone has their own story and but like I said to one of my friends, why does our story have to be so long?

By Leah

My blog has had a steady flow of visitors since I first started writing it in Feb 2012. It is mine and my partners story of two lesbians trying to get pregnant. is the direct link to the page.

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