Dads Are the Key To A More Settled Baby

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Dads Are the Key To A More Settled Baby

A Melbourne paediatrician is calling on dads to become the baby whisperer of the household to help settle their little bubbas to sleep.

Dr Daniel Golshevsky claims a new baby should be placed on the non-breastfeeding parents’ side of the bed from day one so that dads become the go-to “settler” whenever baby is not hungry, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

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“Aside from breastfeeding, there is not a lot that dads can’t do,” he says.

“When baby comes off the breast, the winding, nappy changing, interaction and tummy time can all be [shared] by dad. If the baby is fed by bottle, then dad can be part of it all.”

By getting dads more involved in settling he predicts a far better sleeping baby.

He says science shows there will also be improved dad-baby bonds and a lower risk of paternal postnatal depression.

“[Babies] are going to have a more rested mother, which means you are going to have more success when it comes to breastfeeding and a generally happier environment,” he says.

“[Dads] have no idea how much you will benefit from being more involved in the newborn period. Studies have shown a demonstrable physiological response in the amygdala [emotional centre of the brain] of dads who are heavily involved in the newborn period brain that makes them more emotive and a deeper thinker.”

Dads Are the Key To A More Settled Baby | Stay At Home Mum

He adds, “I completely understand there are challenges involved but what I would rather see is parents working together as a team … then everyone reaps the benefits,” he says.

“Getting through six weeks with broken sleep is manageable, the problem is when you have got to do it for months and months.”

What Mums Think of Dad Settling the Baby

Mums share their thoughts on dad helping to settle bub during the night.

“I love that dad settling idea – I was lucky that Craig was a pretty hands on dad who helped as much as he could with the kids when they were babies (despite working full time) – it definitely makes things easier!”

Dads Are the Key To A More Settled Baby | Stay At Home Mum

“Definitely be a big help if dad was the first contact, especially if bub wasn’t hungry. Never thought of it like that!”

“Great idea!”

“Too many dads leave it to their wives and some wives won’t share the duties with their husbands. You can’t do it all.”

“My husband always settled our children from the minute they came home. He used to get them for me to feed in the middle of the night and then put them back to sleep afterwards. He was integral part of their lives from the beginning.”

Was your partner a big help during those early months?

Dads Are the Key To A More Settled Baby | Stay At Home Mum

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