10 Healthy Foods That Aren’t Really Healthy

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10 Healthy Foods That Aren’t Really Healthy

Shopping for your family should be in a cinch but finding the most nutritious and healthy foods can be bewildering.

So many foods are marketed as being good for us but so many of them aren’t. Here is our top ten on the biggest culprits.

Cereal bars

These nutty and delicious treats may market themselves as a healthy and nutritious snack but many of them are far from it. Check out the label on a cereal bar and you will see many are packed with sugar. If you are looking for a healthy alternative why not try making your own here is our recipe for raw snack bars.

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Picking up a smoothie for breakfast may make you feel euphoric as you marvel in your healthy morning pick-me-up but what you might not know is many are actually high in calories. Yes, they are packed full of delightful fruits but many smoothies are loaded with sugar. When you order your next smoothie also consider what is being added, such as extra sugar, ice cream, or full-fat milk, as your healthy shake may not be so healthy after all. If you are looking for a healthy smoothie recipe why not try our delicious green smoothie.

Salad dressing

Next time you order a salad off the menu because you want to be healthy, think about what’s actually in it as it could be a meal laden with fat. Salad dressings can be high in saturated fat and many are packed with salt. Try making your own at home or opting for a salad without the dressing to ensure you remain on the right side of healthy. Here are some recipes to make your own delicious salad topping.

Low-fat yoghurt

Yoghurt is fantastic for you and your growing family. It is full of calcium, recommended for an everyday balanced diet, and it is also packed with probiotics that improve your digestion. However, many low-fat yoghurts contain an awful lot of sugar and calories, too. The best way to serve yoghurt to your family is to buy a plain one and add your own fruit. Here’s a delicious recipe to make your own frozen strawberry yoghurt.

Multigrain Bread

Multigrain bread sounds healthy and looks super healthy but check the label next time your grab a loaf. For it to be beneficial to your diet, the grain needs to be wholegrain and many loaves contain refined grains which are totally useless. If the nutritional information says ‘bleached’ flour then you’re not getting a truly multigrain bread.

10 healthy food to | Stay at Home drinks

Diet drinks are marketed to us as the healthy option to the originals but they aren’t so great themselves. Okay, so they contain literally no calories but they are still jam-packed with artificial flavours and many are full of salt. Think before you drink and check the label.


Popcorn has had an identity change in recent years. Gone are the days when it was seen as one of the fast food snacks at the cinema food stall and instead it is seen as a great healthy snack for the kids, and adults of course. But be careful what you go popping! The microwavable kind you pick up in the supermarket is often full of nasty additives and loaded with sodium. The healthiest way to make popcorn is to buy the corn kernels from a health food store, add some of your own oil, and pop them up yourself. Here’s our guide to making your own microwave popcorn.

Instant oats

Porridge oats has long been seen as a hearty breakfast meal but if you regularly pick up the instant oats in the supermarket you might want to think again. Many of the instant oat packets are brimming full of sugar and additives. The best and easiest way to make oat porridge is to buy the oats yourself and cook them up on the stove, or pop them in the microwave. Here’s our recipe for making porridge in a slow cooker.

Sports drinks

If you are going for a run or a gym workout then consuming a sports drink might be part of your keep fit routine. But is an energy drink really good for you? Most sports drinks are stuffed with sugar and swarming with salt. When you are considering an intensive workout then sports drinks can be beneficial to your exercise as they contain electrolytes, such as potassium and sodium. If you are working out then maybe consider a calorie-free drink or stick to the H2O. Try citrus water as a great alternative to plain water.

Fresh Sushi RollsSushi

Yes, so sushi is not all bad. It’s full of protein and omega-3 fatty acids but it can also be pretty heavy on the calorie count. Shrimp tempura, for example, can have more than 500 calories a roll, which adds up when you have had quite a few. Oh dear! Check out our recipe for super-healthy, summer sushi rolls.

Do you read the nutritional information on packaging? Are there any foods which you think are marketed as healthy but are really unhealthy?

10 Healthy Foods That Aren't Really Healthy | Stay at Home

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