51 Thoughts Whilst Preparing Dinner For A Toddler

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51 Thoughts Whilst Preparing Dinner For A Toddler

Toddlers are a fickle bunch. And never more so than at dinner time. Here are 51 thoughts had whilst preparing dinner for a toddler.

  1. Almost time for dinner.
  2. What delicious, nutritionally complete meal can I prepare for my toddler?
  3. Pasta. Yah, that went down a hit last week.
  4. I can hide veggies in the bolognaise sauce.
  5. Genius.
  6.  Mother of the Year.
  7. I’ll start now.
  8. Make the biggest pot ever.
  9. And freeze in portions.
  10. That is so organised!
  11. I’m all over this!
  12. I even have everything I need in the pantry or fridge.
  13. Except containers for freezing.
  14. Damn! I knew those clearance containers would have come in handy.
  15. Should’ve bought them.
  16. Oh well, zip lock bags are the go then.
  17. I should start a blog.
  18. About being organised.
  19. And hiding veggies.
  20. And freezing in zip lock bags.
  21. I’d have so much time to do it because I’ve prepared so many dinners in advance! All over it!
  22. Holy Bandooley Batman is that the time?
  23. That kid is going to freak out in a minute if I don’t get this sorted.
  24. Why does a kilo of mince take so long to brown?
  25. My arm is hurting from breaking up the meat.
  26. So, so sneaky Mama. Zucchini and carrots.51 Thoughts Whilst Preparing Dinner For A Toddler
  27. Oh and tomato’s.
  28. So many veggies!
  29. No onion though.
  30. Oh well. Then the dog can eat the leftovers.
  31. A family friendly meal. So on top of this!
  32. Wonder if he wants dinosaur pasta or spirals?
  33. I bet it’s a mixture of both.
  34. Oh how fun!
  35. He is going to LOVE this.
  36. It is going to be the best, easiest dinner time yet.
  37. Can’t wait.
  38. I’ve just got to cater more to his taste, and everything will be coming up roses.
  39. And boy did he love this last week.
  40. Okay, show time!
  41. All. Over. This!
  42. What do you mean you hate it?
  43. You loved it last week?
  44. What do you mean it’s disgusting? That’s not a very nice thing to say.
  45. Don’t you know how much of this I have just made?
  46. I have just spent hours cooking over a hot stove to bring you a meal you LOVED last week but now despise?
  47. Just try a little bit. I will not bribe.
  48. JUST TRY IT.
  50. Fine have pancakes for dinner then.
  51. So. Over. This.

Can you relate to any of these thoughts?

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