Kids’ Lunch Boxes: How to Strike the Right BalanceWithout Compromising on Taste

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As parents, looking out for our kids and doing our utmost to ensure that they are growing up healthy and happy is at the top of the list.

One of our never ending challenges is making sure that they eat a healthy diet with a good mix of foods, especially at school.

Learning requires both energy and concentration, so sending our kids off to school with a lunch box that hits the spot is important in helping them to achieve their best.

Maintaining a healthy weight, improving the intake of beneficial nutrients and reducing the intake of risk nutrients is important not just for the kiddies but for everyone. It’s no secret this can help you to live longer, get more out of life and reduce your chances of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

What we put in our children’s mouths is a large determinant of their health as a whole.


Striking the right balance isn’t always easy, especially with fussy eaters and allergy sufferers. Ensuring we pack the lunch box with a variety of foods from each of the five food groups everyday will fuel your kids with the energy they need to make it through the school day.

Kid’s Lunchboxes – How to Strike the Right Balance | Stay at Home Mum

These groups include:

  • Vegetables such as carrot sticks;
  • 1 piece of fruit;
  • Dairy (or alternatives) such as milk, yoghurt or cheese (mostly reduced fat);
  • Protein such as lean meats, fish, eggs or legumes/beans;
  • 1-2 serves of grain foods such as a sandwich, wrap, pasta, rice, sushi (try to include whole grains where possible);
  • Water


Check out the video below for some great inspo on packing your kids lunchbox full of healthy goodness, thanks to Woolworths.

So, what did you make for the Kids’ Lunch boxes today?

Kids' Lunchboxes: How to Strike the Right Balance

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