SAHM After School Snack Ideas

Schools out’s – the kids are starving.  They are frothing at the mouth and coming at you with their whinging. You have two options; you can dig through the pantry and find something chocolately and unhealthy (that you were saving for later) to toss at them at a safe distance; or you can whip up one of these after school snacks. The beauty of these snacks is that they are mostly freezable so you can whip them up and freeze them for later. Here are some of our top choices for after school snack ideas from the SAHM kitchen to yours:


Frozen Banana Yoghurt Pops (

Frozen Banana Yogurt Pops are a delicious and nutritious snack the kids will enjoy anytime.  They are easy to make and fun to eat. This is a great one to add to the list for kid’s parties or play group as well. And the mummy of the year award goes to….

Vegetable Fritters ( )

If you have the ingredients you can whip up Vegetable Fritters, a delicious way to make vegetables appealing to the kids. One or two for each of your kids after school will tide them over until dinner.

Delicious Pizza Muffins ( )

We at SAHM love our muffins, if you couldn’t tell. Here is one that all of our kids can agree on. Something about pizza as a snack seems to get them every time…

Savoury Cheese Slice Sauce (

If you want something along the lines of Zucchini slice or the Sour Cream Quiche, than this is a new one for you to try. Savoury Cheese Sauce Slice makes a nice snack and will provide them with enough protein and energy to play until it’s time for dinner.SAHM After School Snack Ideas

Crunchy Snack Mix (

No cooking; no baking; no effort really. If you are looking for something a little different than potato chips for the kids, then this is an easy but goody.

Kids Pannacotta (

Kids Pannacotta is the cheat’s version of Pannacotta. It is essentially a milky jelly filled with seasonal fruit and best of all, you can make it dairy free! Whip up some for an after school snack and then finish the rest for an after dinner dessert.

Zucchini Pancakes (

Zucchini Pancakes is a nice quick and easy snack for kids and adults alike! If you don’t have any zucchini in the fridge, substitute with another vegie or fruit.

Home Made Ice Blocks

Here’s a good one for those sticky after school drop offs during summer. Home made ice blocks are essentially popsicles but easy to make and much healthier than the store bought brands.  I thought it was time to look at a few inexpensive and healthier type versions of the humble Popsicle!

Cornflake Honey Joys (


Cornflake Honey Joys are definitely a favourite of mine. I love making these and they taste so good. There great for a snack for the kids lunches as well!

Apricot and White Chocolate Cereal Bars

Let’s end with something a little bit naughty shall we? Apricot and White Chocolate Cereal Bars Apricot and White Chocolate Cereal Bars are great for an after school snack and even though they contain chocolate there are a lot of great healthy ingredients packed into these little balls for lots of energy for growing muscles.

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