Did You Know You Could Do These 11 Odd Things With Your Breast Milk?

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Did You Know You Could Do These 11 Odd Things With Your Breast Milk?

What do you do with your breast milk when you’re done with it? If you’re like most people, you probably discard it. But did you know that there are several exciting things you can do with it instead? From using it as a facial moisturizer to feeding it to your pets, here are eleven fun ways to use liquid gold!

We all know about breast milk’s amazing nutritional and immunity-boosting benefits for our babies, but what about some other surprising uses?

Like, did you know it’s good for insect bites and sunburn? Not to mention you can even make tasty ice cream or cheese with it. Not even kidding!

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From cosmetics to art projects, breast milk remains a versatile source of support in everyday and unique situations. Did you know that breast milk can be implemented for disinfecting wounds? Its antibacterial agent, along with its anti-inflammatory properties, makes this possible and aids in the healing process.

Moreover, a milk soap serves as a soothing natural cleanser and moisturizer while bringing relief to those sensitive skin types.

1. Teething Ring

If your baby is teething, you know how painful it can be for them – and for you! Babies will chew on just about anything to try to get relief, which is why one mom came up with a brilliant solution: a teething ring made from her own breast milk.

The “milk ring” is simply a mould of your milk that hardens into a circular shape. You can then freeze it and give it to your baby to chew on. The coolness will help to soothe their gums, and the familiar taste of your milk will be comforting.

Best of all, it’s completely safe – even if they decide to take a bite out of it! If you’re looking for a natural way to help your teething baby, a breast milk teething ring might be just the thing. Pop it into a small mould and allow it to set in the freezer. Voila, instant teething ring.

2. Breast Milk Soap

Melt a good natural soap base and add 250mls of breast milk plus your essential oil of choice. Pour the liquid into any shape of container or mould that you wish to make your soap. Put the containers into your fridge and you should have beautiful soap after a couple of hours.

You might not think that breast milk and soap have much in common, but it turns out that they can actually be used to make a kind of milk soap. This soap is made by combining breast milk with natural oils and other ingredients, and it has a number of benefits for the skin.

For example, the lactic acid in the mother’s milk is known to be gentle and soothing, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Breast milk contains many nutrients that can help nourish and moisturize the skin. And because it is free from harsh chemicals, milk soap is also gentle enough for use on babies and young children. So if you’re looking for a natural way to care for your skin, don’t hesitate to try milk soap.

3. Breast Milk Bath

When it comes to skincare, there are all sorts of strange and wonderful ingredients that can be used. But one of the most unusual – and effective – is breast milk. That’s right! Your liquid gold can be used as a facial cleanser or bath soak. Once again, the lactic acid in breast milk is a natural exfoliant, and the milk itself is full of vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for the skin.

In addition, it is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties that can help to soothe irritated skin. If you’re looking for something a little different – and want to give your skin a real treat – why not try a breast milk bath? Why not pop it into your baby’s bath? You can add your milk to the water and then use lotion to help your little one’s skin absorb all that extra goodness.

4. Breast Milk Jewellery

If you’re looking for a uniquely personal piece of jewellery, look no further than your very own liquid gold jewellery. This unusual type of jewellery is made from the mother’s milk that has been cast into a pearl-like pendant. This jewellery is the perfect way to commemorate a special moment or person in your life.

The milk is sourced from you with the utmost care and respect. Each pendant is handmade and one-of-a-kind, making it a truly unique piece of jewellery. It’s an excellent way to celebrate motherhood and create a beautiful, lasting keepsake. You can even make your own jewellery. You can order a kit online, or watch this DIY Breast milk necklace video on YouTube.

5. Baby Lotion

Make your own DIY baby lotion that uses your breast milk and a few other ingredients, like grapeseed oil, beeswax, and Vitamin E oil in this YouTube video.

100 ml grapeseed oil
1 tbsp beeswax
Few drops of Vitamin E oil
100 ml fresh breast milk, at room temperature
Optional: a couple of drops of an essential oil for scent

6. Chapstick

Anyone who’s ever had dry, chapped lips knows how painful and uncomfortable it can be. And while there are a number of chapstick-type products on the market, nothing seems to quite do the trick like breast milk. That’s right – breast milk. Create your own chapstick using breast milk, beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, and Vitamin E.

Not only it’s an excellent moisturizer, but it also contains antibodies that can help to fight off infection. So the next time your lips are feeling dry and parched, reach for your own milk instead of the chapstick. You’ll be glad you did!

7. Nappy rash

A 2013 study in the journal Pediatric Dermatology found that breastmilk was just as effective as hydrocortisone on babies with diaper dermatitis, a.k.a. diaper rash.

It is recommended that you pat the breastmilk into the skin, then make sure it dries before putting on a barrier cream and nappy.

Did You Know You Could Do These 11 Odd Things With Your Breast Milk I Stay at Home Mum

8. Skin irritations

It is also said to help soothe sunburn, acne, eczema, dermatitis and other skin irritations. Any new parent knows that keeping a baby happy and healthy can be a challenge. From diaper rash to colic, there are a lot of things that can cause babies discomfort. However, one of the best ways to prevent skin irritation is to breastfeed or dab with the milk.

The nutrients in breast milk help to soothe and protect the baby’s skin, and the antibodies can help to reduce the risk of infection. In addition, breastfeeding helps to promote bonding between mother and child. As a result, it is no wonder that doctors recommend breastfeeding as the best source of nutrition for infants.

Whether you are dealing with a fussy baby or trying to prevent skin irritation, breastfeeding is always worth a try.

9. Insect bites

Thanks to breastmilk’s soothing and antibacterial properties, you’ll also find it useful to treat pesky insect bites.

Add the breastmilk to some water to make it “cloudy.” You can also apply a breastmilk ice cube directly on the affected area for some cool relief.

Did You Know You Could Do These 11 Odd Things With Your Breast Milk I Stay at Home Mum

10. Ice Cream

Express some breast milk and blend it with ice for an icy sweet treat. If you want to add some extra flavour, you could add banana or apple puree to get in some added nutrition.

Click here for the recipe!

Did You Know You Could Do These 11 Odd Things With Your Breast Milk I Stay at Home Mum

11. Cheese

You can even make breast milk cheese using four cups of breast milk, add rennet, salt and yoghurt according to a recipe created by New York chef and restaurateur Daniel Angerer.

In some parts of the world, it’s not uncommon to find ice cream made with liquid gold. While this may sound strange to some, there are actually several benefits to using it in ice cream. First of all, breast milk is a great source of nutrients, including proteins, fats, and vitamins.

It also contains antibodies that can help protect against infection. Breast milk is also easy to digest and less likely to cause an allergic reaction than cow’s milk. As a result, many people who cannot tolerate cow’s milk find that they can enjoy ice cream made with breast milk without any problems.

Of course, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of eating breast milk ice cream. But it can be a delicious and nutritious treat for those willing to try it.

12. Fertilise your plants

Plants get most of their nutrition from the soil. Milk (both breast milk and cow or goat milk) contains beneficial minerals so if you add some to soil it may help your plants grow better.

And don’t forget you can always add a drop to your coffee, much to your workmate’s disgust. That’s one way to stop them pinching your milk from the fridge!

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