Here’s Why Mondays Are Terrible

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Here’s Why Mondays Are Terrible

We get it, Mondays are hard work. Sunday is like a dream you float along in, so happy with your own freedom, and then Monday hits you like a brick wall of reality.

The only good thing about Mondays is that most people dislike them, including us! That means it’s time to have a smile and maybe a laugh, at the things that have definitely happened to you on your Monday.

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You Wake Up And Realise It’s Monday

Which, let’s be honest, is pretty damn depressing.

So You Try And Get Caffeinated

Coffee: The saving grace of Mondays.

Just A Little Bit More

You can’t ever have too much right.

Ok, That Was Too Much

Let’s dial back the artificial energy.

But Every Cup Is Like…

Nobody can hear you on Monday.

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