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Let’s be honest, holidaying as a parent is not relaxing. I’m not saying they’re not fun. I’m just saying (especially with toddlers) they are not relaxing.

All the excitement, the break in routine, the activities, sun cream on, sun cream on again. I love our family holidays, they are always chaotic, full of days out and not so much rest and relaxation…more fun and games.


I do however miss the holidays pre-kids whether it was just hubby and I or with my friends. Lazing around hotel pools, late boozy cocktail nights, long lie-ins and Bloody Marys for breakfast. In reality, these sorts of holidays are few and far between, if at all. The freedoms we enjoyed before having children.

I would still like to enjoy them every once and awhile. The idea of holidaying alone or with my friends comes up time and time again and with mixed reactions. Personally, I feel the need to get away from my family and recharge sometimes.

How often have you been told happy mummy = happy household? So then why do I feel the need to justify my child-free holiday choice to those very people who gave me that good advice? What would make me a happy mummy is getting away from it all.


Wanting that time apart from my kids does not make me a bad mother; if anything a week recharging my batteries somewhere without being a mum would benefit everyone. My kids would get some quality time with their dad and I would get some personal time to do all the things you can’t do when they are around.

Yes, it would be weird and as expected, you would miss your kids and quite possibly for the first few days talk about them excessively to whoever will listen. But they will be perfectly safe and happy eating pizza and bake beans every night with their dad. Then I could get on with enjoying my little holiday for one or three of my best girlfriends.

I refuse to believe taking time out from the pressures of motherhood makes me a bad parent. On the contrary, my family would benefit from me having a holiday without them.

Why do we need to recharge?

1. To De-stress


Mums get stressed out carrying the load of their family and homes and need to escape from the screaming, fighting, moody, destructible little people who may or may not be able to communicate properly.

2. We Need a Break

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum, working mum or a single mum, mums are stressed and overworked and really just need a break.

3. To Treat Ourselves


When I say I need a break, I’m not talking about a treat as a reward for doing my job. Needing break doesn’t mean that I’m seeking respite from my responsibilities or that I want to put my feet up.

4. To Feel Like a ‘Human Being’

It means that I need to feel like a human being in the haze of a relentless life where I don’t belong to myself anymore; where I give my love and energy away, every moment of my existence.

5. To Have a Moment With Ourselves


Mums need to recharge because the moment we open our eyes, there isn’t a single second of our day we’re not on call. We’re being touched and needed and demands are being made of us all day. We don’t get a moment to brush our teeth, shower, get dressed or even go to the toilet without some one or all three tagging behind.


Yes, I will be the one who is enjoying herself sunning by the pool, long lie-ins and Bloody Mary’s for breakfast while my kids and hubby are at home in their routine I stressed about that he should not mess up.

But when I get back, my husband and children will get a refreshed mother who has been allowed to have a break because I and every mother in the world deserves it. Amen!

So how do you recharge as a mum? Share it with us!

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