How To Cook Your Kid In A Car by Matt MoranCelebrity chef demonstrates the unconventional oven.

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With record summer heat all over Australia at the moment, this video is important for all parents out there.

Every year across Australia, over 5,000 kids are left unattended in cars, this is a horrific statistic that is on the rise.

To prove just how hot the sun makes a parked car, in 2016, renowned chef Matt Moran literally cooked a meal in one. Under the guise of a cooking demonstration, Matt invites guests to view the launch of his new ‘unconventional oven’. Even though this video is now about three years old, the message still remains just as relevant today.

Taking a raw lamb loin earlier that day, Matt places it on the middle console of the car. Rigged with cameras, a timer and a thermometer, you can very clearly see just how hot it gets.

After about an hour and half, he removes the lamb from the car showing a temperature of 72°C. He cites that in his opinion the lamb is well overcooked.

“It is not safe to leave a kid in the car at any point in time. It is like an oven.”

The temperature in a car can reach over 30°C hotter than what it is outside and 75 percent of the temperature rises within the first five minutes.

Even on a cooler day, temperatures can reach over 70°C and 75 percent of kids rescued from cars are under 4 years of age.

Watch #theunconventionaloven by Matt Moran:

Sarina Kilham and her partner, Ednilson Santos, are conducting early market research for RememberMe, a baby car-seat safety device that harnesses smartphone technology to ensure babies can’t be left unintentionally in cars. The PhD researchers of the University of Technology Sydney study the phenomenon of ‘forgotten baby syndrome’.

“The research says this can happen to anyone, anytime. It is not related to parenting ability, class, money or anything else.”

How To ‘Cook’ Your Kid In A Car

A small change in routine is all it takes for parents functioning on autopilot to forget they have their child with them. In Australia, even on a cool day, this mistake could cost the child’s life as temperatures inside the car can be lethal within 20 minutes.

RememberMe is a device designed to alert your smartphone should you leave the car while your child is still in the seat. It will also have the optional feature to make an emergency call to someone else, providing location details via satellite navigation technology. As far as we are aware, this is not yet available to the public.

While this technology is a life-saving innovation that can’t come quick enough, how about people just stop leaving kids in alone in the car?

It is never ok.

How To Cook Your Kid In A Car by Matt Moran | Stay at Home Mum

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