Best Apps for Pretend Play

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Best Apps for Pretend Play

Pretend play is play that stimulates real life. This is a critical part of development for toddlers and pre-schoolers and fortunately most children love to pretend. Countless iPad app developers have played on this well-known fact by creating apps designed to simulate real life activities. Some of the best apps for pretend play that we love (and have tested well with our own personal focus group of bubs) include:

TOCA BOCA (anything!)

Toca is our best friend in this house. There are so many different TOCA games, all which provide an interactive experience for your child. Toca Doctor, for example, allows your child to brush teeth, fix the heart and much more. Toca Store provides your child is an understanding of buying and selling. Toca Hairdresser lets your child design the perfect haircut and style for a variety of characters and Toca Tailor allows your child to design her own clothing. There are plenty of other Toca apps to try as well including Toca House and Toca Monster. The list goes on and on.

Trucks HD

This is a great little game for your avid truck driver. Play with all different types of machinery diggers, loaders, dumpers, police cars and more. Excavate a plot of land, clean the trucks, sort through recycling and much more!

My Playhome

Explore all the rooms in the home and what each item does with this loveable app. There are five different family members to move around. Put the baby to bed; feed the daddy dinner; or help the little boy do his homework. Your child can explore all the different things to do inside the house, from taking a shower to making the beds.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Help Monkey pack a yummy and healthy lunch for his big day at school. Your child will need to do a little bit of reading in order to choose the right foods but this is a great game for your pre-schooler, especially in the weeks leading up to their transition to kindy.

Best Apps for Pretend PlayPepi Bath

Pepi Bath is a great way to teach children about washing their hands, doing the laundry and basically getting clean after a long day in the dirt! If your children learn by example then this is the ultimate teaching tool! There are plenty of other Pepi games that are just as interactive.

Farm Joy and Co

Your children will learn all about farming through the simple sense of touch! Farm Joy and Co allows your children to be the boss on a farm for one year. Grow crops and watch the seasons change.

Bamba Post Office

Let your child experience the joy of gift giving through the Bamba Post Office app. How this one works is your child gets to choose the box, pick a gift, write a card and wrap the parcel up to send to a recipient.

Tomo House

If your children love to build things and fix things around the house, then this is a great way to introduce them to a world of fixing. Little ones build letters and words with wooden blocks, hammer blocks together and much more. All the while, they are learning simple words.

Beck and Bo

There are 12 different scenes for children to explore with Becks and Bo. Head to the grocery, go on a jungle safari and much more. Children can create different scenes with familiar icons and arrange them as they see fit. This is a great way for children to explore familiar and far-fetched scenes.

Every day there are more interactive and edutaining games added to the app store. It is worth your while having a look and doing a basic search every couple of months for more interactive games to keep little minds alert and little hands happy.

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