Best Maths and Puzzles Apps for Toddlers

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Best Maths and Puzzles Apps for Toddlers

Teaching your little one the fine art of maths is not as easy as it may seem. Sure, counting the rocks can be an easy game to play but learning how to recognising each number can get pretty tricky. The good news is that there are plenty of apps for toddlers that can help you get them on the right track when it comes to learning numbers. Puzzles and maths apps can stimulate the mind and teach them to identify the letters and more. Below are some of our favourite apps:

Alien Buddies

This is a good place to start for all things learning with little ones. Alien Buddies can teach your little one how to match numbers from 1 to 50. Not bad for a pre-schooler!

Tally Tots

Learn how to count from 1 to 20 with a catchy song. This is a great one for children as young as one.

Best Maths and Puzzles Apps for ToddlersLittle Digits

This is the e-equivalent to finger counting and a great way to teach little ones how to use their fingers to count, add and subtract.

Fish School HD

Who doesn’t love underwater counting games? Children love them and Fish School HD is a great program to teach children about counting, you guessed it, schools of fish.


Buzzle is one of the many different puzzle related games that help children identify shapes and work on their problem solving skills. Tozzle is another good collection of various puzzles as is Puzzingo.

Memory Match

Again, there is countless memory matching games out there. A good one for little minds is Memory Match but Mosaic HD is another popular one.

Count, Sort and Match

Basically, as the name suggests, your child will learn how to count, sort and match. There are different memory games available as well.

Farm 123

This is an interactive 3D book that is designed to help your child with counting. It includes bold and interesting farm themed scenes with a number of different mini games to explore.

As your child gets older and starts to do more than just count and recognize numbers there are plenty of other apps designed to assist you and their learning along the way. Don’t be afraid to reach for the iPad for assistance with reading, writing and arithmetic.

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