Best Reading and Writing Apps for Little Ones

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Best Reading and Writing Apps for Little Ones

There is no denying that learning how to read and write are two of the most essential skills for children to possess. However, there are plenty of different ways to go about teaching your children about numbers, letters, the alphabet, phonetics and eventually putting it all together to read. Reading to your children is one of the best ways to introduce your child to the world of literacy but the iPad can certainly make reading, writing and the alphabet more exciting for both you and your children.  Incorporating some of these iPad apps can help your child explore the world of the alphabet and hopefully aid them in their journey into literacy.

Alien Buddies

This app allows toddlers to match lower case and upper case letters in both the written and phonetic sounds. A perfect way to introduce your little one to the world of the alphabet.

Sight Words

Sight Words is a great way to introduce children to writing and tracing. Children trace the different words with their finger. There are pictures of the various words to spell as well as bright colours and music to keep things entertaining.

ABC Phonics and ABC Writing

This is another great one to help little ones learn to trace the letters and numbers. Includes sounds, pictures and different colours to use.

Faces iMake

This is a puzzle app that introduces little ones to letters through puzzle solving.

Best Reading and Writing Apps for Little OnesEndless ABC

My son adores this one! Children can pick a word and add the letters to the word with their fingers. Every letter makes the phonetic sound and comes alive when the word is done.

Fish School HD

Another great alphabet app, Fish School HD uses fish to form letters.

Mini- U Zoo Alphabet

Animals seem to be one of the best ways to teach children about the alphabet and there are countless animal alphabet Apps out there. One of our favourites is this one, as it offers a more interactive way for children to learn about the various animals.

Eggy Words

Eggy Words is created by Reading Eggs, a beautiful program that introduces children to the world of reading. The various letters and words come up in different eggs that children will need to touch. Children learn how to identify the different letters in each word. Reading Eggs is now used in most public schools across Australia so this is a great app to get your child used to the older kids version.

Word Monsters

Word Monsters allows your children to read simple sentences on their own as well as to listen to each story. There are also several different activities to help your child with reading.

Letter School

This is another great tracing app to help toddlers learn to trace letters and numbers.

Of course these are only some of the reading and writing apps designed for little ones. There are countless others out there, some in which are free and some in which you will need to purchase.

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