Five Educational TV Shows for Kids That Won’t Leave You Feeling Guilty

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Five Educational TV Shows for Kids That Won’t Leave You Feeling Guilty

Plopping your child in front of the television for a few minutes (or longer) is something that most parents will succumb to at some point or another, especially if you need get something done. Using the television as an educational aid is not something that you should feel guilty about. The good news is that there are plenty of excellent shows out there especially for little ones and most are free to view on television. ABC2, for example, is any mother’s best friend with a line-up of great shows for kids all day long. While some of them are purely for enjoyment, others are actually quite educational and can help your child with all different aspects of learning. Below are five of our favourites.

Mister Maker

Mister Maker is the craftiness person on television these days, creating all sorts of amazing things from his Doodle Drawers. The entire show is based on bright bold colours and there are segments to help children learn about the various colours and shapes. If you have a spare twenty minutes, sit down and watch it as well. You can guarantee that you will find something crafty and fun to make with your children during the next art and craft session.

Educational TV Shows For KidsSesame Street

An oldie but goody, Sesame Street hasn’t changed much since we were kids. In fact, some of the same characters are still there, and look like they haven’t aged in twenty or thirty years! You can still expect the Word of the Day as well as Letter and Number of the day. There are always segments on counting as well as fun songs and games. Keep your eyes out for some pretty A list celebrities, only last week they featured Beyoncé and Jay-Z singing a song about friends!


DirtGirl is one of the greener shows on television which focuses on ecofriendly living. Children will learn all about gardening, sustainability and recycling to name a few of the common themes. There is also a segment especially for “Green Thumbs” that focuses on different green activities for kids to do around the house.

Play School

Play School has got to be one of the best Australian made children programs. With excellent entertainers such as Justine Clark, Jay Laga-aia and Alex Papps, your child will learn all sorts of interesting facts. Every show has story time as well as crafts, dress up games and plenty of songs. The atmosphere is vibrant and calming and the activities are perfect for children aged two to five.

High 5

They sing; they dance; they are overly peppy but they also provide children with a great way to get active and have a good time. The show focuses on entertaining and educating through vibrant and interactive songs.

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