Top 5 Bizarre TV Shows for KidsWere the writers smoking when they came up with this concept?

Have you ever watched television with your child and thought “what were the writers smoking when they came up with this concept?” Yep, us too. And so we decided to create a list our Top 5 Bizarre TV Shows for Kids.

While it may seem like you need to be high on something to enjoy these programs, children of all ages seem to enjoy them. But, seriously, how creepy are these shows?

1. Teletubbies

It all started with the Teletubbies. Teletubbies is the grandfather for weird television programs for kids and has seemed to have spawned the next generation of creepy TV shows for kids. The show features four nonsensical colorful blobs of creep, all with different items on their head running around a weird land where a megaphone controls everything and the sun features a baby’s head. It’s kind of like a child’s version of Big Brother and pretty much just as awful.

One word: RUN!!!!!!!
One word: RUN!!!!!!!

2. Waybaloo

It just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Waybaloo is basically a child’s program about yoga that takes place in a magical garden. Children, known as Cheebies, come and visit the four pint sized characters that may or may not be animals. It’s just too hard to tell. They all speak half English and half nonsense and move around the show by bouncing and flying.   The show features the children and the strange inhabitants doing stretches and various yoga positions. Why? Your guess is as good as ours.


3. In the Night Garden

It’s the Teletubbies creepy cousins and they will leave you wondering What The Actual F? In The Night Garden features different characters with odd sounding names. Nothing is as it seems. A blimp, for example, is called a Pinky Ponk and the birds are known as Tittifers (yep, we know). Some of the random creations living in this world include Iggle Piggle, a big blue thing with an obsession for his blanket, Upsy Daisy, an oversized gingerbread girl, the Tombliboos, three rounded figures that like to hug and kiss and the family of red tiny people known as the Pontipines.  Then there is the obsessive compulsive cleaning ET like character that goes by Macca Pacca. Don’t expect this one to make sense either.

in the night garden1

4. DirtGirlWorld

The premise surrounding this show makes sense – it’s all about a girl that likes to go outside and get grubby. But the problem is that the characters are a freaky combination of half human- half anime. I just can’t get over this one. Every time I watch the show I just stare at Dirt Girl trying to figure out why she is so creepy? Is it the eyes? The smile? The little body? Dirtgirl and her equally horrifying friend have human eyes and lips with huge heads and teeny childlike bodies. It looks like they were made out of different magazine images but the end result is just plain odd. Yet, kids seem to love this show and the additional random characters, including two bugs with human faces, don’t seem to bother them that much. Be sure to also check out our Thoughts You Have When Watching DirtgirlWorld for more ponderings on this one.

dirt girl world1

5. And…. BooBah

We don’t get this one over here right now, thank goodness, but I had to include it. BooBah is literally a bunch of creepy blobs floating around having seizures. Yep. That’s it. That’s the show.

It is pretty much the weirdest thing ever. It is another spawn from the Teletubbies creator, who, it is apparent now, has a large stash of mind altering drugs hidden around his office! The movements in BooBah are all kinds of wrong and the blobs resemble uncircumcised penises. Seriously, all wrong. Be grateful that this one isn’t featured on the regular ABC2 program guide yet. And if you see it, hit “Power Off” on your remote as quick as your fingers will possibly let you.  And thank us later.

Dishonourable Mentions!

Other shows that haven’t quite made our list but are certainly worth a look include Lazy Town, Yo Gabba Gabba and The Wot Wots. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you!

What shows have we missed? Come on, I know there are heaps more!! Share your all time favourite creepster shows in the comments below. 


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