My Kid Is Fat

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My Kid Is Fat

My Kid Is Fat. These four simple words can change a child’s life “” but not in the way you would expect.

My Kid is Fat


According to Washingtonpostmany parents struggle to recognise if their children are overweight or obese. They get blind-sighted by chubby little bellies and dimply bums and cheeks. They think things like, ‘my child is healthy, happy… and maybe a little plump, but that just means she is a good eater, right?’

Throughout the years, more and more children are being diagnosed with being overweight because of the “modernisation” in food processing and the way we live more of our lives indoors, instead of kicking the footy or playing basketball.

Almost gone are the days when parents relied purely on organic, wholesome food, when carbohydrates were a small staple in the pantry and our children could get the nutrients they need from fruits and vegetables, without the use of supplements.

Those were the times when children had muscles and slimmer bodies and could fit into any clothes, and when children were more physically active, could run a cricket pitch and still have energy to burn.

To help identify the problem some parents face, we have put together the 10 Reasons Why You Have A Fat Child..

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