Checking The Entire Family’s Temperature Has Never Been Easier!

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Checking The Entire Family’s Temperature Has Never Been Easier!

Gone are the days of wrestling with my toddler to take her temperature by placing a thermometer under her tongue or underarm.

It’s quite a mission, but not anymore.. thanks to the MedSense TFE02 Infrared Thermometer.

This nifty lil handheld beauty has become a total game changer in our household when it comes to measuring high temps and fevers. I have 3 kids one of which is in daycare and we all know what nasties our littlies bring home to share from Daycare (SIGH).

medsense infrared forehead ear thermometer tfe02 | Stay at Home

What makes this more timely is that my beautiful mother was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I know the dreaded “BIG C”. So, ensuring not just myself but my entire family is in a perfect bill of health prior to visiting her is vital!!!

Literally, the first thing I noticed was it’s super easy to use size. Unlike so many other handheld thermometers that are often heavy and bulky, the MedSense Thermometer weighs less than 70 grams. I love that the MedSense Infrared Thermometer is light and compact enough to store in my handbag especially for those impromptu visits to my parent’s home that we often do.

The MedSense is a clinically proven, non-invasive forehead thermometer that has been approved for use throughout Australia and so is perfect for families, medical professionals, workplaces and public testing.

MedSense Forehead and Ear Non Contact Thermometer MR | Stay at Home

The second thing you notice is how fast it is to give a temperature reading. The device is non-contact and takes readings in just 1 second. This is perfect for temperature screening where safety and hygiene are paramount.

To operate you simply hold the unit 3-5 cm away from the skin and aim at the middle of the forehead, using the LED positioning light. After pressing the button to take a measurement, the thermometer will show an accurate temperature reading pretty much straight away. To provide confirmation of whether the temperature is normal or not, the LCD backlit display screen shows green for normal, amber for attention! and red fever.

MedSense Forehead and Ear Non Contact Thermometer fever alerts | Stay at Home

I mean really, does it get any easier than that??

The MedSense Infrared Thermometer is beyond simple to use.

I am not the most tech-savvy of people, so if I have got this down… you will too. The device’s measurement range is 34.0 to 43.0°C (body temperature) and 0 to 93.2°C (object temperature) and temperatures can be shown in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. So,however you measure temps in your household, the MedSense Infrared Thermometer has you covered!

In addition to people, the MedSense TFE02 from Andatech can be used on objects and surfaces such as baby feeding bottles, bath water, the air temperature, and other applications. So, no more testing your little one’s bottles with the sensitive part of your forearm or guessing if the bath water is at the perfect temp. In fact, it has become part of our nightly bath routine where my 2 year old Sophie helps check the temp of her bath water!

Providing further confirmation for Parents, the device can also issue an audio alert when the detected body temperature is high…WINNING!

A feature that is ideal for home use, the device will keep track of body temperature fluctuations with the ability to recall the last nine temperature readings with just the click of a button. This is so great when needing to relay this sort of info to your General Practitioner should you require further medical assistance.

The MedSense Infrared Thermometer uses two 1.5V AAA batteries, with power usage saved by way of the auto shut-off after 30 seconds.

If you have not yet got your hands on the awesome MedSense TFE02 Infrared Thermometer do yourself and your family a favour and get one today.

Checking The Entire Familys Temperature Has Never Been Easier | Stay at Home

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