Ways to Avoid Accidental Poisoning

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Ways to Avoid Accidental Poisoning

Ways to Avoid Accidental Poisoning | Stay at Home get into everything. Even if you put the medications on the top shelf or  you keep the poisonous chemicals in the garage, there is always the chance that a child is going to get into them somehow. Children learn quite early on how to move chairs, how to climb onto stools and how to sneakily follow Dad into the garage and get into the chemicals when his back is turned. So be well aware of how to avoid accidental poisoning with these excellent poison control tips:

Use Original Containers

Reusing old chemical bottles may seem like the eco-friendly thing to do but it can actually be very dangerous. It is best to always keep chemicals in their original containers and never to reuse these items unless you are simply refilling with the same chemical. That way you will always have the poison information and the directions on the label in case something happens.

Know the Culprits

Some of the things that children often get into include nail polish and nail polish remover, medications such as Panadol and sleeping pills, cleaning products (especially the ones with the spray bottle lids), insect poisoning, paint thinners, dishwasher detergent, petrol and kerosene oil.

Think Like Your Child

Take some time to go around your house and think like a child. Get down on your hands and knees and see things from their angle.  You can expect your child to get into any cupboards that they can reach including underneath the sink (where cleaning products are often kept) and underneath the bathroom sink (where nail polish remover is often kept).

Quiet Play isn’t always Safe Play

If your child is being extremely quiet in another room, then assume the worst. Most of the time if a child is playing quietly away from you, it is because they have gotten into something that they shouldn’t be playing with (lotion, make up, nappy powder, etc.). Even things that seem apparently safe, such as your purse, may contain certain products that are not safe for little hands.

Keep Medicine Locked Away AND Out of Reach

Medicine bottles are fun to open and even more fun to look inside. Imagine what a bottle of sleeping pills looks like to a toddler bite sized lollies perfect to eat before dinner. This is also the case with a lot of medications from aspirin to antacids. Not only should you keep these items well out of reach from your child but also ensure that the cupboard is locked. One good idea is to keep these products in a medicine cabinet or in a safety box that comes with a lock. That way even if you accidently leave the cupboard open and your child climbs up, they won’t be able to open the magic box of ‘mummy lollies’.

Always keep all dangerous chemicals, medicines and other poison hazards out of reach of children. Should your child ingest poison or poisonous substances, call the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26 immediately.

We have some hotlines and suggested websites for further information and advice

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