You Know Your Child is Sick When…

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You Know Your Child is Sick When…

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How often do your kids get sick? It seems like my kids are bringing home some sort of viral bug or infection every month. And in between the fevers and flus, my little one is also battling teething and nappy rash! You know, just to add in a few more sleepless nights to the mix! There are a few sure signs that my kids are getting sick – the refusal to eat; the red cheeks; the lack of interest in trashing the house. We recently asked our readers on Facebook how they can tell when their child is coming down with something? And here are our top answers. How many of these ring true for you?

You Know Your Child is Sick When….

“They don’t want to eat their food.”
KH_Child_CMYK_POS“They actually want to cuddle.”
“They want to be touching me 24/7.”
“They let out a little moan.”
“Their eyes are a lighter shade than normal.”
“She stops ripping through the house like a hurricane and actually lies down.”
“He’s not talking his head off.”
“She wakes up every twenty minutes.”
“They actually sit in front of the TV for longer than five minutes.”
“Their toys are not all over the house.”
“They fall asleep without a fight.”
“They refuse chocolate.”
“They are grumpy and warm.”
“They actually listen to me.”
“They are nice to me.”
“They don’t want Daddy.”
“The thumb doesn’t come out of the mouth, even for a bickie.”

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The Natural Solution

As a mum I am always looking for natural solutions to help ease my child’s symptoms. And as my kids are sick so often, I try to stay away from using the heavy duty stuff unless it is absolutely necessary. My medicine cabinet contains every lotion, ointment, cream and liquid under the sun, including the range of Kiwiherb products. They have specialty formulated products for coughs and colds, colic, teething and nappy rash. Kiwiherb is perfect for parents seeking gentle yet effective health solutions for their children. 4

Another thing I love about the Kiwiherb range is that I don’t have to force feed it or bribe my kids to take it. Kiwiherb products are made entirely from natural ingredients and taste great to even the fussiest child. As a mum, Kiwiherb is the natural choice and a smart addition to any medicine cabinet. Hopefully you find as much success with the Kiwiherb range as I have.

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  • 1 x Baby Balm 50g
  • 1 x Children’s Cough & Chest Syrup 100ml
  • 1 x De-Stuff for Kids 50ml
  • 1 x Children’s Throat Syrup 100ml
  • 1 x Kid’s Calm 100ml – I use this one when travelling to help calm my kids’ nerves and prevent upset tummies.
  • 1 x Children’s Echinature 50ml

Because pain, aches, fevers, coughs, colds and rashes happen. And the best way to tackle these things is to be prepared with a product that not only works, but feels safe to use. Kiwiherb

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This post is sponsored by Kiwiherb, an all natural range of health solutions specifically formulated for infants and children and made entirely from natural ingredients.

Disclaimer:  It is important that if you become concerned about any symptoms displayed by your child that you seek immediate medial attention and contact a doctor. SAHM takes no responsibility for any illness, injury or death caused by misuse of this information.  All information provided is correct at time of publication. 

Good Luck from the team at Stay at Home Mum!

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