10 Adorable Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

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10 Adorable Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

Birthdays are always something a kid always look forward to in a year…and what better way to make his/her day special than by making his/her favourite cake!

You know how every kid’s eyes light up at the sight of his/her birthday cake. Sometimes, it’s even one of those things they think about when they celebrate their birthday. And so, as parents, we always want to give our kids the best everyday and most especially on their birthday.

So if your kids already gave you a hint on what they like for their birthday cake, we might have them in this list or if they have none yet, this birthday cake ideas for kids might inspire them.

1. The Smile Sheep Cake

Your little one can’t help but smile when they see this one too!

0853cb7b7a5ec1193d5528b22e295df9 | Stay at Home

2. Incredible Hulk Cake

It’s like Incredible Hulk just appeared from inside the cake! Cool!

2d756e23d4dc3e8a492f1be6db58ba03 1 | Stay at Home

3. Dinosaur Cake

Kids love dinosaurs, and making them the centre of their cake will complete their special day.

5b445f78edaa0141d15cbaae58522968 | Stay at Home

4. Rainbow Sprinkle Cake

This simple but adorable rainbow sprinke cake will definitely melt your kid’s heart.

cake rainbowSprinkleFirstBirthdaySmash DSC 3323 001 | Stay at Home

5. Circus Cake

If your kid is a fan of circuses, this circus cake will surely be a delight.

0876008a2c45f9ea40efe160ae3026a8 | Stay at Home

6. Pancake Stack Cake

Your pancake-loving tot will have a grand day munching on this cute pancake stack cake.

Geburtstagsparty Ideen torte kerze | Stay at Home

7. Lemon Sheet Cake

If your kid likes lemon cake, this simple lemon sheet cake will make their birthday brighter.

Lemon Cake 1 copy | Stay at Home

8. Ice Cream Sandwich Sundae Icebox Cake

Ice Cream + Sandwich + Sundae + Cake — all in one! What more can your kid ask for!

ice cream sandwich cake 15 600 | Stay at Home

9. Dirt Cake

Don’t kids just love dirt? Well, it’s all here in this dirt cake…with all the gummy worms (minus the real dirt)!

2693323b9afdb5298096577a457729bf | Stay at Home

10. Ice Cream Sundae Cake with Cute Mini Cones

This ice cream sundae cake is super adorable with its colourful and cute mini cones, even adults would want to have a bite.

651caa2f2b14e64d96f485b02a9da6de | Stay at Home

Which of these birthday cake ideas for kids is your kid’s favourite?

 Untitled 1 6 | Stay at Home

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