Birthday Party Fun

Birthday Party Fun.

Birthday Party Fun | Stay at Home MumI happened across a post about birthday parties the other day and having 6 kids this is something I consider myself quite an expert in especially as it is miss 12’s birthday tomorrow.

I LOVE throwing parties. I love the looks on the kids faces when they see what I have come up with this time. I am a cheapskate though and I am not afraid to admit it.

A few weeks before I ask the child concerned to pick a theme. I like themes so they get themes.

Decorations and goodie bags can be expensive…unless your me…which you’re not so I will tell you my secrets so it will be cheap for you too. Firstly I go and buy a big block of coloured printer paper from an office supplies shop. This is the basis of all my decorations. I get the kids involved which gives them craft activates to keep them busy too. They make paper chains and cut-outs to hang around. You can cut a piece up into streamers or make paper lanterns too. If you have a fairy or princess theme make little paper crowns for the kids to decorate during the party. If you have a superhero theme make masks for the kids to decorate during the party. I like having a craft activity at the party because it gives the kids (and parents) a little down time.

The second use for my ream of paper if the goodie bags. You can download bag templates from the internet. If you copy it to word you put a picture to match your party on the front. Print them out and get your kids to help you staple them together. Add a little handle and tie a balloon on and you a wonderful party bag. Now to fill it. I like to make up an activity book to put in the bag. I do up a cover page on word something like Miss 12’s super slumber party. Use the internet to your advantage by finding kids printable puzzles e.g. find a word, crossword. Add a couple of colouring pages. How about a bookmark page they get to colour in and cut out at home or a printable jigsaw puzzle. Once you have all the pages of your book print out as many copies as you need and staple them together. Go to the cheap store and buy those little packets of crayons for 70 cents and put one of those and a little multipack chocolate or chips in the bag and voila your bag is done and it will be a child and parent friendly bag!

Lastly is food. A sausage sizzle is a really cheap option for a lunch time party. If you are feeling a little creative make some sandwiches cut out with a cookie cutter. Get some clear plastic cups and make some jelly into them with a gummy worm in the bottom. A piece of puff pastry sprinkled with cheese cut into strips and baked makes an easy cheap idea. You could get some arrowroot biscuits and some icing and let the kids ice them themselves. Again the internet is a wonderful recourse to find themed food.

Speaking of which I have a cake to bake for tomorrow.

Let me know how your parties go!

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