8 Tips to Throw a Gluten Free Birthday PartyServing birthday treats with healthy and gluten free options

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 Hosting a birthday party can be scary especially if kids with special dietary needs would feel left out. It’s about time to consider serving foods that satisfy all kinds of appetite and allergies too.

Let’s face it mums, the world has become more feeble with all the recent diseases added to the medical encyclopedia. One of these is a condition called Coeliac Disease. One in 100 Australians has been diagnosed with this condition and most victims were children. While your child may not have this disease, someone he knows might have developed such ailment. This medical finding impacts not just our daily menu planning but also prepping for special occasions such as birthday parties.

No need to panic Mums! You don’t have to skip the traditional treats in favour of all gluten free options. Here are simple ways to incorporate a gluten free diet into the traditions of a kid’s birthday party without compromising the appetite.

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1. Get to Know Gluten

via dreamofday.com
via dreamofday.com

What is gluten exactly? Gluten is an ingredient commonly found in wheat based products including wheat, barley and rye breads, flour, wheat pasta and cereals, biscuits, cakes and pastry products, cereal drinks and yeast extract spreads.

2. Look for Gluten Free Options

via www.woolworths.com.au
via www.woolworths.com.au

The good news is that traditional birthday treats, such as party pies and sausage rolls come in gluten free options as well. So pick up a package of these and make them up with the other treats.

3.Go Gluten Free in the Kitchen

via abcnews.go.com
via abcnews.go.com

Cooking gluten free options is relatively easy. Simply look for gluten free bases, such as pizza bases, and prepare normally. You can find gluten free wraps, gluten free flour and even gluten free brownie mixture. Check out our Gluten Free section on the website

4.Opt for Coloured Plates

via www.cpaantoniosecola.com
via www.cpaantoniosecola.com

Create some colour to the table by using different coloured plates to let guests know what options is gluten free. This can also be used for any other allergy foods, such as dairy free options or soy based treats. For example, you may want to use green for the traditional treats, blue for the gluten free options and red for any dairy free, nut free or other allergy aware treats.

5.Avoid Adding Spreads

via www.cornerstonecapabilities.com
via www.cornerstonecapabilities.com

Many spreads contain gluten so leave the spreads on the side and let kids choose what they want.

More tips on how to throw a Gluten Free birthday party!

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