Cupcake Birthday Party

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Cupcake Birthday Party

For an easy kids birthday party idea – think about a Cupcake Birthday Party!

If you’re stuck on ideas for your daughter’s next birthday party, why not try out a cupcake party? Cupcake parties are fun because they give the kids a lot of entertainment, and there’s plenty to eat at the end! There are actually a few different ways you can set up a cupcake birthday party, but for this we’re going to actually decorate cupcakes as the activity.

Invitations for a Cupcake Birthday Party

Cupcakes are bright and colourful, so everything else should follow the same theme. You can design your own invitations using a word processor and then just print them out. This saves a lot of money on buying ready-made invitations, and it gives you the chance to personalise them. Use colours like pink, yellow, and purple along with clip art of balloons, cakes, cupcakes or party hats. Make sure you include the directions and time of the party. Don’t forget to add the end time so parents know when to pick up their kids!

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Decorations for a Cupcake Birthday Party

Stay light and colourful with the decorations. Whether you’re doing the party in your house or in the backyard, you can use plenty of balloons, coloured streamers, confetti, and more to build up the festive atmosphere. White tablecloths with cheap vinyl coverings or lace print cloths will keep the mess down. Don’t use your good tablecloths! There will be a lot to clean up!

Snacks for a Cupcake Birthday Party

The main attraction here will be the cupcakes, of course, but don’t let that stop you from introducing some variety. Try our Cupcakes in a Cone (see picture above).  Finger foods or veggies with pink dip will give you a chance to serve something a little healthier than flour and sugar. Make sure you have plenty of punch or soft drinks, because decorating cupcakes is thirsty work!

Games for a Cupcake Birthday Party

The primary activity will be decorating cupcakes. Bake them all beforehand, making sure there are enough for everybody to have one (it doesn’t hurt to make extras; no party goes without at least one being dropped on the floor!). Be prepared with plenty of vanilla icing, and use food colouring to get a variety of colours. You can make frosting tubes out of paper to make it easier to apply to the cupcakes. Let everybody decorate their own cupcake, and you can even give out prizes to the best or most creative ones.

For some extra fun, give everybody a theme to use when decorating their cupcakes. This will help kick start the fun and you might be surprised at the crazy variations you get!

Birthday Cake for a Cupcake Birthday Party

For the cake you have two options: You can either let the cupcakes serve as the cake, or you can provide a separate cake just so you have something to put candles on for the birthday girl. One fun idea I’ve seen is making an extra large cupcake just for this. It’s smaller than a cake, and stays with the general party theme.

If you just decide to use cupcakes instead of the main cake, you can get a candle in the shape of a number (for how old your little girl is), and put that on her cupcake. Otherwise you may have to squeeze 5 or 6 regular candles onto the little cupcake, and that can get messy.

Party Favours for a Cupcake Birthday Party

Buy some inexpensive tiny gift bags and fill them with candy and confetti. Tie them up with some ribbon, and put a little thank you note on the outside to thank your guests for coming.

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