Dairy Free Birthday Parties

Hosting a dairy free birthday party can be a challenge and many of the traditional treats and snacks served at children’s parties will contain dairy. Whether you are going dairy-free for your own child’s requirements or whether you know thatInfographics Dairy Free Birthday Party1 one of the children on the guest list has a dairy intolerance, we have come up with some suggestions on how to tackle the task at hand:

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Do Your Research

In many instances the best way to go dairy-free is to make everything from scratch. That way you can be sure of what is exactly going into the cake and other treats. However, creating an entire menu from scratch by yourself can be a little difficult so instead, check with local businesses to see if any of them offer dairy-free party favours. Many companies will offer baked goods, cupcakes and cakes that are made out of dairy free ingredients. However, you will want to be 100 percent sure on the integrity of the business. Check local online forums to see what other parents in your situation say about the best companies to go through. Word of mouth is often the easiest way to know what companies out there are genuine and can assure dairy-free.

Get Creative With Labelling

Use toothpicks with a small rectangular piece of paper glued to the top to make little flags to add to the different treats. Label the flags with “dairy free”, “gluten free” and so forth. That way your guests can make the right decision on what to eat and what to avoid.

Inform the Parents

Send out a note with the birthday invitations informing the parents about your child’s dairy intolerance and what foods will be served. Most parents will be happy to let their child eat dairy free for the afternoon but if one parent has a fussy eater on her hands, she may choose to feed the child a meal before the party so he isn’t hungry and complaining that there is “nothing good to eat.”  You may also find that you get replies back informing you about other food intolerances (peanuts, lactose, gluten, etc.)

Dairy Free Lolly Bags

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There are plenty of different lollies out there that are dairy-free; however, you may need to avoid any chocolates which are always a favourite. Choose games, books, puzzles and other miniature toys to add to each lolly bag instead. A balloon, a popper and a blower per child will hardly cost you a thing and keep them entertained (for the car ride home at least!)

Be Party Prepared

If your child is attending a birthday party and has a dairy intolerance, then it is a good idea not to send him to the party empty handed. Pack a special dairy free snack for him and inform the parent throwing the party about his intolerance.  You may also want to bring a few dairy free treats for the host to throw into the lolly bag so your child’s bag isn’t half empty. She may decide to take some of the above tips into consideration for her child’s party. And, if not, at least your child won’t miss out.

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