Hold a Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

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Hold a Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

A Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party is perfect for kids aged 4 – 8 who are mad keen on prehistoric animals!

The mystery of dinosaurs captures each new generation of children and awakens their interest and intrigue with these incredible animals. I love that none of us have ever seen one, but most 4-year-olds know exactly what a stegosaurus or triceratops looks like. We have one particular dinosaur which my 4-year-old loves using in his imaginative play. He stomps around the house finding things to feed him, talking in a gruff dinosaur voice and this love inspired his dinosaur themed birthday a few weeks ago.

Decorations for a Dinosaur Themed Birthday

Here is my dinosaur party secret weapon: Kmart has 200 piece dinosaur play sets for $15. Buying one of these will provide you with all the inspiration you need for creating a great pre-historic dinosaur theme. Set up some bushes and trees from the set on the food table along with roaming dinosaurs. These sets are so comprehensive that any flat surface in the house could have a pre-historic scene set up on it.

If you’re having a sit down meal at the party a fun activity is to have cut out dinosaur feet which the children can decorate and then blutac to the back of their chairs.

Snacks for a Dinosaur Party

Dinosaur nests look great in cupcake cases use a chocolate spider recipe and pop an Easter egg/ jelly bean on top as the dinosaur egg. A dinosaur cookie cutter will help you to create an array of decorated biscuits which are easy for little fingers to pick up and eat. A fruit platter with a sign ‘Herbivores Only’ will make those delicious and healthy fruits disappear as your guests gobble them up.

Party Games for a Dinosaur Party 

One of my favourite dinosaur birthday party games is to set up an excavation site in the backyard for the kids to dig for dinosaur bones. Those clam shell sand pits are a perfect size, especially if they’re already full of sand. You can use the mini dinosaurs from Kmart and bury them in the sand pit for your little archaeologists to find. Give them disposable forks, spoons and some paint brushes to dig and clean up their discoveries. You may like to let them add a couple of dinosaurs to their party favour bags as an extra gift.

Dinosaur Themed Cake

We did a dinosaur cake for my sons 4th birthday which looked great green icing over its body with spearmint leaves as scales. Tasted delish too!

Dinosaur Party Favours

So that no one gets forgotten, it’s a good idea to write children’s names on the party bags, so get creative and write T-Rex Toby, Brontosaurus Billy and Stegosaurus Steve to make it more fun. Since you’ve already got the camera out for the party, get all the guests to gather around the birthday child and give their best dinosaur impression. You can send a copy with a thank you note written on the back to each person who came to the party.

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