Over-The-Top First Birthday Parties..For The Kids Or Parents?

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Over-The-Top First Birthday Parties..For The Kids Or Parents?

It would have it that there are no areas an over achieving mum cannot dominate.

There is the school lunch box, school projects, free dress day at school in Country Road, and now it’s first birthday parties.

First birthday celebration parties are going completely over the top, with each one getting more and more outrageous than the last.

Your child does not give stuff if Dr Seuss is at their party or, if there are five different types of cupcakes he’s handing out, as well as the stripped hat cake. Nor is it even fun for him or her, because your baby is scared to death of the Cat in the Hat, screaming and clawing just to get away.

Here is one. Have you ever seen a first birthday party themed”¦wait for it, Marie Antoinette?

No, me neither, but I found one on the internet.

The baby was forced to wear a hat on her head with this enormous bow, you could hardly see the little girl’s head. And a dress that looks like silk or something equally pricey. I don’t know what scares me more.. the fact that the whole party was based around this queen who had her head chopped off, or the mother letting her child shove cake into her mouth wearing a dress that could probably pay my mortgage for a couple of months.

I have no idea what a party like that would cost, but when everything matches down to the wrapping paper, you know you have spent too much. This party could make a wedding look shabby!

You can spend a truckload of time and MONEY to make it perfect. And for who? Your baby is one? They don’t know. You’re stressed for a couple of weeks, especially the week leading up to the party. Planning, creating decorations, fun-themed games, party bags, booze… arrgh, it’s endless. Who are you planning the party for, you or them?

We all know first birthdays have nothing to do with the child and everything to do with the parents.



Take Rebecca Judd’s daughter’s first birthday party“¦ Hand crafted paper chandeliers and confetti-filled balloons, which apparently took over 3 hours to set up. The wag and weather presenter went all out to throw her daughter her very first birthday party. Handmade lollipops, cream cheese cupcakes and mousse cups were among lots of other luxurious treats. Rebecca says “it’s an important milestone in every mother’s life”, umm no mention of how the child enjoyed it then?

For the kids or parents?

Twenty years ago, you were lucky to get a few balloons and a cake, and a clown making balloon animals was a big deal, princess playing games with children was a huge attraction drawing a lot of oohs and ahhs, however, over time, that has now become the norm!

Now, parents are trying to not only outdo one another, but outdo themselves from the year before. Pony rides, clowns with balloons, magic shows, karate chopping Ninja Turtles and themed Wizard of Oz parties are the norm.

via yahoo
via yahoo

These types of parties not only break the bank, but also set children’s expectations too high. What the heck will they want next year? It sets up an expectation for kids that every birthday, graduation, every milestone in their life is going to have these fireworks where no expense is spared. Fine if you’re well off, but what if you’re not?!

There is no doubt that getting through the first year of your child’s life is a huge accomplishment. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a brand-new mum or a mum on the verge of your baby’s first birthday, you’ve probably thought about how to celebrate that milestone.

And you should! Motherhood is hard work and your greatest accomplishment. You’ve gone a whole year without hurting your baby, you’ve ditched your old party ways and your child has grown from a newborn to toddler. These are certainly reasons to celebrate!

But you don’t have to go completely over board, maybe when they’re 21, it’s time to bring out the unicorns and piglet races.

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