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25 Adorable First Birthday Outfits for Baby Boys! SO CUTE.

There is nothing more fun I think than planning your child’s first birthday party! It’s a pretty special milestone! Seeing them all dressed up, chubby little cheeks and big eyes with no idea what’s going on around them but enjoying it all the same! There are so many theme ideas out there, you could spend hours on pinterest planning.

Part of the fun is dressing up your little man is the cutest outfit possbile and taking a million snaps. So if it’s a first birthday cake smash or first birthday party here are 25 freaking adorable first birthday outfits:

25 Adorable First Birthday Outfits for Baby Boys | Stay at Home Mum

Jungle Safari Explorer Outfit 

Aww, how cute is this jungle safari outfit? If you are planning a jungle theme party – this is perfect! The shorts are made from soft cotton with an easy button opening for nappy changes. You can even personalize your little man’s name onto the shirt! This outfit comes in 3 different sizes. 6 – 12 mths, 12 – 18 mths & 18 – 24mths.

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Aeroplanes Themed First Birthday Outfit 

Fly away with this cute AF first birthday outfit! This onesie has suspended sewn on, with a cute aeroplane pattern. It even comes with a matching party hat – perfect for a cake smash! This outfit is made right here in Australia, and comes in sizes from 0 months right up to 24 months!

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Fishing First Birthday Outfit

Sail away with this adorable fishing suspender set. Pop a plain onesie underneath for their birthday party, or use this outfit for a cake smash! The suspenders are adjustable and clipped on. It even has tiny fish sewn on the party hat! Eeek!

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Little Prince Birthday Outfit 

This fancy first birthday little prince outfit is very smashing indeed! It includes a personalised onesie, bow tie, nappy cover and satin cape – the complete prince package. Too cute! It comes in 6 – 12mths, 12 – 18mths and 18 – 24mths sizes.

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Black & Gold Personalised Birthday T-Shirt 

This shirt is perfect if you are after something a bit more casual and every day! Personalise the back with your little man’s name with this black and gold shirt.

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Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday Outfit 

The very hungry caterpillar is a classic, and there are now heaps of baby products in the hungry caterpillar range! This personalised onside has sewn-on suspenders with an adorable bow!

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Wild One First Birthday Outfit 

This wild one birthday outfit is so on-trend at the moment! The fox and bear print is so cute, along with the button sewn onto the suspenders! Your little boy will look sweet in this!

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Mr ONEderful Birthday Outfit

Turning ONE is wonderful, isn’t it? So, have your baby looking very handsome in this suspender onesie! You can also personalise it, with a name on the back but you can also select which font you want printed on it.

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Personalised Farm Shirt 

Having a farm animal themed birthday party? Then this shirt is the one for you! Personalise it along with a very cute barn and animal print. It’s also casual enough that you can use it on a regular basis.

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Whole Year of Awesome Shirt 

While the first year of a baby’s life is hard work for mum and dad, for a baby it must feel pretty awesome. Just eat, sleep, play and repeat! Sounds pretty good to me! Dress your little guy in this “One Whole Year of Awesome” t-shirt.


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Dinosaur Birthday Shirt 

This one just isn’t for the baby! Get everyone in the family a matching t-shirt! The adorable t-rex print will look cute on Mum, Dad and all the kids! Perfect for the ultimate dinosaur party.

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Fox Woodland Birthday Outfit 

Fox and Woodland prints have been trending for quite a while, and why wouldn’t it? It’s adorable. This Onesie and Party Hat set includes a cute black pom pom, bow tie and sewn on suspenders.

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Birthday Dude Shirt 

Keep it casual and cool with this birthday dude T-shirt. Have your babe looking chill, cool and ready to party! This shirt comes in a wide range of sizes for all ages too!

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Personalised Winnie the Pooh Boys Outfit 

This handmade Winnie the Pooh birthday outfit is beautiful. It features a traditional Winnie the Pooh print. This personalised outfit includes a bib, shorts and suspenders, onesie, party hat and teething ring.

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Taco Themed Birthday Onesie 

A first birthday party can be a real fiesta! Why not do something different and have a Mexican themed first birthday party! Everyone loves tacos. Plus, all the family can dress up with matching birthday t-shirts!

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Lion King Personalised Outfit 

Part of being a parent educating your kids on the classic Disney movies! Lion King has to be at the top of all-time Disney classics. Dress up your little guy in this personalised Lion King outfit. The outfit includes nappy shorts, suspenders, bow tie, personalised onside, bib and party hat.

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#ONE birthday outfit 

For a hip, cool birthday outfit, this is the one. #One outfit includes a beanie, onesie and some trackies. He will be looking very cool indeed!

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Sesame Street First Birthday Outfit 

Elmo! Most babies love playing with an Elmo! He’s got a big smile, bright red and big eyes! This Sesame Street birthday outfit comes complete with bib, suspenders, shoes, socks, bowtie, onside and shorts. Perfect for a cake smash photoshoot or birthday party.

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Construction Birthday Shirt 

Construction theme is always a good birthday theme for boys! it’s hard to keep them out of the dirt, and I swear boys are automatically fascinated by any truck, tractor or bus! This personalised t-shirts a really cute truck design and comes as a t-shirt or a onesie.

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Mickey Mouse Birthday Outfit 

Another classic birthday theme – Mickey Mouse. This outfit comes as a complete package with tie, ears, suspends, shorts, personalised onesie and a party hat. You are sure to snap some cute photo with your little man wearing this!

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The Birthday Boy Shirt 

Keep it simple and make a statement. Let every one that your baby is the birthday boy with this t-shirt. Pair it with some cute jeans or shorts and some sneakers and your man will be handsome and trendy.

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Fox Onesie

It can certainly feel like a wild year, the first year that you have your baby! But this fox onesie is a very cute and simple first birthday outfit. You can also purchase some really cute matching socks to go along with it.

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Baby Shark First Birthday Outfit 

Baby shark is super popular with kids…not so much with adults when it gets stuck your head on replay. In fact, you’re probably doing it now…”Baby Shark…do do do”.

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Yo I’m One Birthday Shirt

Yo! Your baby has turned one! Dress him up looking cool and hip with this t-shirt. Dress it up with a cute jacket, jeans and shoes and he will be looking so handsome!  

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Circus Ring Birthday Outfit 

Cirus theme is another classic birthday theme! But this birthday outfit takes it to the next level. Complete with personalised onesie, suspenders with a nappy cover and a very very cute top hat!

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OMG those First Birthday Outfits are SO CUTE. We hoped you enjoyed our list and you find that special first birthday outfit for your little man. 

25 Adorable First Birthday Outfits for Baby Boys | Stay at Home Mum

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