10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Pre-Schoolers Under $15

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10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Pre-Schoolers Under $15

I love gift shopping for kids.

They love discovering new toys and games, and even a new cardboard box will keep them entertained for hours. Plus, they really appreciate it. Nothing like seeing a kid’s eyes light up with joy with just a pretty gift box.

Here is my list of gift ideas for children 1-5 years old that are quite fun and useful.

1. Play Dough or Finger Paint Kit

Put together a carry bag with the ingredients to make either play dough or finger paint. Make up a cute recipe card to include in the parcel so everything is on hand when it’s time to use your gift.

2. Colouring In Supplies

A big colouring in book, some textas or pencils and a few plain notepads will keep a pre-schooler drawing for hours. They’ll love the discipline and fun of drawing in the colouring book as well as the freedom and creativity of a plain drawing pad. Tie it all up with some string and your gift is ready.

3. Torch

I’m not sure what it is with torches, but kids LOVE them. They love shutting the curtains and playing hide and seek as well as going outside at night to see what they can find by torchlight.

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