10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Pre-Schoolers Under $15

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10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Pre-Schoolers Under $15

4. Bedding

Somewhere around 12 18 months, most children will move from a cot to a single bed. Get a friend to put in with you to get them a special doona/quilt set for their big bed. Having two people contribute financially to get a bigger gift is a great idea for any age present as you’ll be able to buy something more significant for the birthday child.

5. Kids’ CD

We have two kids CD’s which are on repeat in my car. They’re fun songs sung by children and my kids love singing along to them. They enjoy the rhyming and laugh at the silly lines like “knick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone“.

6. DVD

Too much TV might give you square eyes, but having a good DVD on hand for ‘those’ days is essential. Something with episodes makes it easy for parents to limit screen time. Elmo, Dora, Little Einstein’s or TheWiggles are always favourites.

7. Balls


Soft rubber balls are great for pre-schoolers because they are easy to kick, easy to catch and don’t hurt too much if they get one to the head.

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