Kids Animal Themed Party Ideas

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Kids Animal Themed Party Ideas

Hosting a kid’s birthday party is a great opportunity to get creative and have some fun. Every year I like to choose a theme for my kid’s birthday parties which creates harmony in the party and makes it easier to plan the food, the cake and the decorations. From Superhero parties to Princess parties, there are countless themes out there, some of which are a little easier to follow through with than others.

We are loving the animal themed party ideas at the moment which can be translated into fun food, colourful costumes, delightful decorations and more.  It makes for a great party for the kids and a lot of fun to plan for you.


How to Plan the Perfect Animal Themed Birthday Party 

Party planning can be a big task and thus you may wish to start the planning process a couple of weeks in advance. Some of the things to consider include invitations, tableware, decorations, party games, lolly bags, food and cake options and costumes. When hosting an animal themed party half the fun is letting the kid’s dress up and let their imaginations run wild. offers adorable animal themed onesies to suit your kid’s personality and create a barrel of laughs at any party.

Any excuse for my kids to dress up and they are on it. In fact, as I write this, Mr Four is racing around the house dressed as Ironman and he has dressed his poor one year old sister in an over sized Bumblebee costume. Whether they want to be a roaring tiger or a cuddly bunny,’s kid’s onesies are an adorable, safe, easy and fun costume that your kids will love and that will put the adventure in any child’s animal themed party.

So what’s next? It’s time to choose the theme. Here are some of our favourite kids animal themed party ideas.

In the Jungle

Does your home sometimes feel like a jungle? Are your kids running around like little animals? Invite all your child’s friends to join in on the craziness with an In The Jungle themed party. Ask all the guests to come dressed as their favourite jungle character from a monkey to a lion. You can browse the range at for inspiration.

Add to the craziness by designing a cake shaped as your favourite jungle character and serve frozen banana yoghurt pops for all the little monkeys and our delicious echidna cupcakes.  Stick to foods that match the popular jungle colours (black and white for the little zebras, black and orange for the tigers and brown and yellow for all those crazy monkeys and lions). You should have no trouble finding jungle themed invitations, party bags, tablecloths, plates, cups and even napkins.

You can also create your own decorations by cutting out ‘paw prints’ out of construction paper and placing them on the floor and on the walls.  For the games? Consider doing a scavenger hunt featuring jungle characters. Simply pick up a bag of mixed plastic animals, hide them around the backyard and let the kids go wild! Literally!

On the Farm 

There are so many farm-inspired TV shows out there that is it any wonder children are fascinated with the farm? This is a great theme to explore for a kid’s birthday party. For a farm-themed party, look for a bright red checkered tablecloth with brown plates, cups and platters. Sprinkle some shredded yellow paper under the platters for hay and consider green party foods to emulate grass such as zucchini pancakes.

Ask guests to come as their favourite barnyard animal including birds, cows, pinks and goats. Chop up very thinly cut chips for ‘straw’ and serve ‘pigs in a blanket’ (sausages in pastry).  A great on the farm party game is “pin the tail on the pig” using a bandanna as the eye cover. Other fun ideas include “moo-sical chairs” and “farm bingo.”


At the Zoo

My kid’s favourite animals are the ones they see at the zoo. I’m talking about pandas, koalas, penguins and giraffes. You can still bring the wonder and amazement of the zoo to your son or daughter without planning a trip to the Arctic or South Africa for their birthday. Simpy bring the zoo to them. has a wide range of zoo-inspired onesies for kids between 2 and 9 and you can complement these adorable outfits with jungle vines (green and brown streamers hanging from the ceiling), animal balloons and a lion shaped pinata. Send the kids on a safari scavenger hunt and serve up a cake shaped as a zebra, giraffe or monkey. And, to really get into the adventurous spirit, check out’s adult sizing onesies. You’ll be the hit of the party, and can even use the outfit to get frisky in the bedroom after the party is over (just kidding!)

untitled shoot-021Release Your Inner Animal

We’ve got heaps of other animal themed party ideas including Under the Sea, Make Believe and Your Favourite Pet. Check out some of the matching adorable kids onesies to go with these cheeky themes including a seal, a dragon and a black cat.  They are made from top quality materials ensuring years of wear, and are the only animal onesie to achieve the safest Australian and International fire testing classification. These adorable costumes will not only be a huge hit for any fancy dress party, but will also keep the kids entertained within their own imagination year round.


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